I have completed two wild and earthy novels set in the 11th century, a Grimm-based fantasy and a work of deeply researched historical fiction that explores Eastern Europe and the Byzantine world. I plan to delve into self-publishing when my daughter grows into her teens, though I am open to literary representation in the meantime if a traditional market opportunity arises.

Leirah and the Wild Man

My latest work is an epic historical thriller set in the 11th century between the Black Forest and the Black Sea.

Leirah and Aven run away from their isolated Bohemian homestead to join a group of charismatic thieves who prey upon the rich.

The twins' epic journey takes them down the length of the Danube, into Constantinople, and across the Black Sea to the last stronghold of the Goths.

This folklore-infused tale about people who break all the rules casts racial, cultural, and LGBTQ+ diversity into a deeply researched medieval Eurasian setting.

The Grove of Thorismud

The Grove of Thorismud is a dark fairy tale romance.

Rosemary accidentally sets off a hundred-year sleeping curse that ends the golden age of peace in her little forest kingdom. Several generations later, the next dynasty of Vepres falls to another curse that leaves its sole surviving heir, the Crown Prince Gustav, transformed into a beast.

Twenty years after Gustav's curse and a hundred years after Rosemary's, two aspiring heroes converge upon Vepres to take the throne: a farmer named Johann and Bellynda, a nomadic wolf huntress. Bellynda frees Gustav from his spell and easily wins the crown. She gives Johann the post of bishop, but he is not satisfied to take orders from a foreign woman.

Rosemary adores her new husband Johann, but the frustrated bishop begins to treat her with escalating cruelty. Rosemary finds comfort and protection in an intimate friendship with her husband's rival, Queen Bellynda. Treasonous plots and secret alliances complicate Rosemary's wish for harmony, and so does Bellynda's confusing encouragement of the attraction between Rosemary and Bellynda's own husband, King Gustav.


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