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About Jean Michelle Miernik 

Suburban mom. Urban church lady. Barbarian novelist.

Hashtag-blessed woman whose household income has never exceeded $55K. Wealthy in advice on how to live well without getting rich first.

I come from the land of ice and snow and Great Lakes, where I reside with my bestial husband, wonderful daughter, and a tortie cat whose middle name is MurderMittens.

I am a heavy user of my local library, and my favorite things to check out are psychologically complex novels, historical fiction, and foreign films.

I've been writing and rewriting novels since my 20s, and my latest work is an epic historical thriller called Leirah and the Wild Man, about charismatic young thieves who prey upon the rich. Local writing communities inspired me to start and commit to my noveling practice. I spent over 10 years participating in writing critique groups, conferences, and other events by Capital City Writers, Rally of Writers, and the friendly neighborhood NaNoWriMos.

I've worked in nonprofit communications, data management, reception, and home-baked cookie tantalization since 2006. I have a BA from Kalamazoo College, where I studied psychology and classical mythology. I studied abroad in Rome and have enjoyed traveling to other places rich in living culture and ancient history, such as Florence, Venice, Athens, and the highlands of Mexico.

Meanwhile, my husband and I have both managed our mischief of serious financial and health challenges to transform into the stable, healthy parents of a child who lives a more beautiful life than any of her known ancestors did. This is my life's greatest pride and hereby grants me the authority to gift my wisdom on the topics of:


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