TBT: Day to Night Fashion with Office Supplies

Remember nine months or a dozen years ago or whatever, when we used to go to work at the office building and then go to parties afterward? I wrote the post below in a different time, when transitioning quickly from office to party attire was a concern. Now it's 2020, and "day to night fashion" means changing out of the pajamas / athleisure that can pass as real clothes on a Zoom video and slipping into our regular sleeping pajamas.

By the way, that neon-dyed jute fiber and seed necklace I'm wearing in the pictures below is the one a man ran across the street to ask me about in last Monday's post about worthwhile travel.

This is all painfully nostalgic.

Day to Night Fashion with Office Supplies

Yesterday, I worked until 6:30, and a friend's birthday party started at 6:00. I wanted to dress up a little for my friend's 30th, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time getting changed at work before rushing over there. So I brought a piece of sari silk that Mr. G's mother, Madame G, gave to me on her last visit, and affixed it to my work dress with binder clips. Voila! Fancy new party dress!

(Obscenely matching partner not recommended.) I bought this purple dress at an H&M sale years ago. I wear it to work sometimes, and I even wore it to the family Easter dinner last year.

It's fun to make modifications to something you already have (if you're more talented with a sewing machine than I am), or just add different accessories, and make it seem new. Even if it involves office supplies. I mean, whatever. Mr. G and the birthday girl's husband, Mr. Waxx, thought it looked OK.

Dress: under $20, H&M. Belt: $3, Charlotte Russe clearance. Shoes: $15, flea market. Necklace: $10, Mexican hippie. Sari silk: thrift shopping gift. Binder clips: Stolen from work. (OK, borrowed.) Lascivious husbands: priceless.

Thrifty and fabulous friends, have you ever created fashion solutions with office supplies? Stapled a torn hem? Woven a necklace of sticky notes? Paper clipped a hairdo? Please! Share your tips for saving money and time using stolen goods.


  1. hi genie)love the new banner pic & hope you are having a good september! i love this spread: i lived in two house trailors and didnt have the character back then to appreciate the experience. my sister and nephew live in one and it is ADORABLE. she wont let me feature it on the blog because she is too private! see you soon!!!


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