$Monday: Corona Summer Self-Care

Nobody wants to hang out in a waiting room at the height of this pandemic summer. One of my friends just dodged an outbreak by procrastinating on having her cat's claws trimmed. Now everyone who's been to that vet during the past few days is supposed to do the two-week quarantine routine. Now on top of copays and the usual discomforts of obtaining care for our furry friends and our human selves, there's the risk of catching the cooties. Definitely go and get any treatments that you need, but it's great to not need as many office visits. I'm doing what I can do at home to take care of my own health and have all of my stupid, silly summer fun in relatively safe ways--like having a redneck pool party in the lawn with my daughter and husband.

Here are some other ways I'm staying healthy, safe, and sane while maintaining social distancing and a spark of faith that my kid might somehow be able to go back to school next month:
  • keeping active with silly stunts like above, outdoor chores, bike rides, and DIY home renovations
  • getting plenty of sleep (working from home = no commute, no need to do hair and makeup or even change out of pajamas = sleeping in every day!)
  • eating some healthy fruits and veggies and blah blah blah in between bowls of ice cream
  • laughing at videos, songs, and memes with my kindred spirits in sinful humor
  • watching hideous Korean thrillers that make my husband sweat and run away, plus other kinds of movies (comedies! anime that my daughter likes!) while noshing popcorn and movie theater candy
  • mailing letters, books, cards, etc. for no particular reason
  • reading books
  • snuggling the kitty
  • painting my toenails (not my fingernails, considering the amount of dishes I'm washing and walls I'm painting)
  • taking CBD oil when I need to CTFD and other meds and supplements as needed
  • floating on the bliss of an ever-present excuse to say nah to things while my irrational guilt at enjoying the silver linings of a global pandemic (because I didn't start it, okay) gradually fades
  • grinding fresh coffee beans and making espresso at home

When I wrote my 2020s Vision just before the New Year, I had no idea quite how relevant my goals of self-care, holding off on travel to focus on home care, and the mantra "playgrounds, not prisons" would be. I joked about these things becoming more relevant if we happened to face some kind of more urgent apocalyptic threat than climate change, which made me feel bad for a little while this spring, like I had somehow jinxed the world with my New Year's resolutions. (Ha! The world doesn't need my help coming up with ways to fall apart.) But I've learned to just take my CBD oil and relax and appreciate and make use of the serendipity that I accidentally got ahead of the curve.

In the end, this summer has been less stressful and less hard on my mental health than any other summer in probably the past decade. I'm not celebrating the pandemic, but I'm also not wasting the unique opportunities it provides to focus more on my health and my immediate family than I have felt able to do before.

And how about you? I know lots of things are terrible, because my phone reminds me every time I look at the news, but also, what's good? How are you taking care of your body, mind, and soul this summer? What strange new joys have you learned how to lean into, four months into the end of the world as we know it? When do you feel fine?


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