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Remember when co-housing, roommates, and multi-generational family homes were good ideas? Those living arrangements still have their advantages, but during a pandemic, it is much safer for individuals, romantic partners, and caregiver/dependent units to have their own spaces, amenities, and entrances. I miss the days when that wasn't so.

I hope that one day soon, this pandemic will end, and the Great Recession-era post below will once again be relevant... at least for some people, at some times in their lives. I'm sure it is still relevant on well-governed, geographically isolated island nations such as New Zealand and Iceland. Oh, to be in one of those nations at this time!

I sure do miss hanging out with my friends and having overnight guests, but in this very particular moment, I am grateful to live in a single-family home with only my husband and daughter and to enjoy the ability to stay put in it most of the time. I sure did not see an out-of-control pandemic coming when my husband and I bought our house and I wrote...

Full House

We're getting a new roomie tonight!

Owning a house has its challenges, but it can be fun and rewarding. We took a risk in purchasing a house in this economy, but it has worked out well so far. Because our house is large-ish (about 1700 sq ft) we have been able to share the costs of mortgage payments and utility bills (fairly low anyway because we chose an energy-efficient home) with a few housemates. We've had no problem so far finding friends who need a safe, cheap place to live. It's kind of like living in a sitcom but with a revolving cast.

Also, we get to have a great, big YARD with space for organic vegetable gardening! I just harvested my first delicious crop of green beans this week.

Another benefit is the peace of mind that if we ever have a crisis in our family or friendship circles, we have shelter to offer.

This summer, we have one housemate moving onto a new phase in her life, which just might include a spiffy new career opportunity in a nicer city... Congrats! And just at this opportune moment, we have another pal moving back into town.

Next month, we'll have visits from the in-laws and traveling friends. Everyone will have a place to stay and food to eat. We'll have backyard bonfires and sit on the porch drinking beer. Our new housemate is a professional cook, so I'm hoping we'll have some fancy gourmet dinners, too!

My favorite part about our house is that it helps us share--celebrations, meals, living space, card games, movie nights, etc. Somehow, sharing challenges tends to break them up smaller, but sharing joys tends to multiply them.


  1. I love a house full of people. I have traditionally had friends stay with us as well in my home too. I think it makes one's home feel like the center of the universe. It's a fun, warming feeling.

    Hi. I'm Gleno. I've been looking for some fun blogs to follow. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list. May I offer you an invite to read mine some time? There have been some political rants of late, but I don't consider that the point of the blog by any means. I've got some fun stories in there as well.

    I confess, I was a bit disappointed when I read that you don't grant wishes. If you do change that policy, please consider me as a client? :-)


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