TBT: The Home Library of Books, Music, and Films

I wonder whatever happened to that Borat DVD I mention at the end of the old post below! I sure don't have it anymore; we've gone through several purges of old media since Borat times. These days, most entertainment is accomplished via streaming services. I listen to Eclectic24 Online, and I regularly stream movies, sometimes podcasts. But I still prefer books on paper, and I don't think that will ever change. My bookshelves packed with old beloveds have been a great comfort to me in quarantine. And I've had fun going through my old CDs and DVDs lately. Have you rediscovered any #ThrowBackThursday gems in your home collections?

During a stay-at-home order, multimedia home entertainment has increased in importance somewhat, and I find it useful to have access to a combination of streaming services (none of which I pay for, more out of concern about data breeches than because of cost) and old-fashioned physical books and discs. I've had fun rediscovering old DVDs and CDs from the days when I still habitually bought such things. (My husband and I did buy the 2019 Rammstein and Lindemann albums on CDs--they sound so much better on our home and car stereos than when they're streamed on some garbage-sounding app like Spotify!) I've exhumed from basement storage my beloved collection of 2000s Regina Spektor and Madeleine Peyroux CDs, my high school fave and underrated work of genius King James Version by Harvey Danger, and Italian singer Morgan's Canzoni dell'appartamento, so tragically timely again. And our Nacho Libre DVD lives right next to the ol' DVD player, as it has since the Epic Ice Storm of 2013, when a neighbor with electricity tossed us an extension cord lifeline so our daughter could watch Jack Black movies on heavy rotation.

Sometimes those old discs get scratched and skip, but also sometimes those streaming services glitch out. I find it comforting and convenient to have options.

And I stand by my promotion of used book and media shops in this old post below! While some retail stores remain closed, we still have bookshop.org, and many local bookstores are offering sales via curbside pickup or delivery.

The Home Library of Books, Music, and Films

In the old days, personal libraries were a sign of wealth.

Happily, we live in an age of plentiful, free or cheap information. Mass-produced books and CDs cost very little. The cost of brand new releases can add up, but if you have a little patience (often as little as a few weeks after a new book or album is released), you can find a like-new used copy for under a buck.

Even better... buying used goods is like recycling! You're doing good for the earth and your wallet at the same time.

Surf the web to buy all the literature and music you want for a tiny fraction of the retail price. Or browse a used bookstore. (To make room on your shelves, sell or donate some of your old books and CDs while you're at it.) I just strolled through a used bookstore and bought Nobel Prize-winning novel The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing and a perfectly good DVD copy of Borat for $1.35 total.

Very nice!


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