$Monday: Work Out(side)!

I love finding ways to get richer and healthier while saving time, and doing manual labor outside is one of those ways to kill lots of birds with one stone (figuratively! We love the birdies).

I've never had a gym membership or an indoor exercise machine, but I've always had a push-reel lawnmower! I figure, why not get a serious, sweaty, HIIT-style workout while getting my daily doses of fresh air and sunshine and saving money on gasoline and/or lawn care services?

Ha! Like I'd pay for lawn care services. We're not fancy lawn people, as you can probably gather from my photos.

My other "backyard," though... I try to keep it strong. Hauling firewood up a hill is excellent strength training.

My husband and I used part of our pandemic stimulus to invest in an electric log splitter. Now we can finally clear up some of the wood that's been piling up since the Epic Ice Storm of 2013, when many big trees around our property were damaged or felled or have had to be cut down by the utility company gradually over the past few years.

It feels great to catch up with outdoor spring cleaning and get our wood rack stacked up high with next winter's hygge power and this summer's bonfire and burger grilling fuel.

Other fine outdoor activities that combine money-saving chores with wholesome outdoor time and exercise include food gardening, landscaping, and exterior home maintenance.

Cheesy motivational slogan t-shirts are optional.


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