$Monday: Death During Pandemic

There's no way around it, only through it: Grief won't wait until the pandemic is over, but traditional funerals must. So what do we do if a loved one dies before the pandemic ends?

In some ways, our options are limited right now. For some mourners, the restriction on choices will lift some of the burden of complicated decision-making that sometimes follows a death. It's also a silver lining, for economically stressed survivors, that the expenses of elaborate funerals are also on hold while they are not allowed, and no individual family member can be blamed for not putting on a big event. At the same time, being unable to gather in person to share hugs, memories, and tears and to perform the rituals that normally give us comfort is an emotional hardship for most people.

Plans of all kinds are disrupted, canceled, or put on hold right now. Moving plans, career plans, vacation plans, birth plans, death plans--none are ever completely reliable, and now it is true more than ever. Acceptance will be a powerful tool for getting through this time.

Here are a couple of resources for coping with a death during this time of pandemic:

Psychologist Michelle Drouin recommends patience and flexibility.

Market Watch offers tips for planning funeral and memorial services during the pandemic, considering what we can do now and what we can plan on doing later.


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