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Remember the swine flu? Now we're talking about coronavirus. There will never be a time in our lives when there aren't any disease outbreaks, or when we don't have to care about pollution in our air, water, and food. We're all stuck here together on Cruiseship Earth arguing about things like whether to vaccinate or "choose life." Ultimately, none of our personal choices will matter if we all get taken out by plague or poisoning. So we need to choose health, together, collectively, for each other and for each other's babies, or else none of our individual choices will ever be worth a plastic bag in a whale's belly.

Here's what I wrote back in The Time of Swine Flu:

Choose Health

Cultivate health from the inside out and the outside in!

Everybody's talking about the swine flu, so I figure this is a good time to bring up the health situation for us un-wealthy folks. Part of the reason this flu has become such a problem is that people did not receive the proper treatment for their symptoms in a timely manner. So much of disease and suffering can be prevented or controlled before it's too late.

The truth is, our nation's health care system is not very fabulous at all for people who don't have high-paying jobs or good employer-based coverage. Health care costs are the leading cause of bankruptcy for Americans. Women and children, in particular, do not have access to the care they need to live healthy lives.

To make matters worse, pollution from practices such as burning fossil fuels and mining is giving us all sorts of health problems from acne to asthma to cancer.

And now there's this plague scare going on, and according to NPR this morning, Americans in general have heinously lax hand-washing habits.

So what can the droves of uninsured people do? Plenty.

Let's start by thinking about what we want. I can speak for some of us when I say that we want to go outside and smell the flowers without fearing an asthma attack or carcinogenic fumes.

We want to live without fear of financial ruin if we take that needed trip to the doctor.

We want healthy, beautiful, and productive bodies.

We want safe, clean, dignified and fulfilling sex lives with plenty of birth control options.

We want our children to be safe from toxins and preventable diseases.

We want our babies to be gestated, born, and nourished with care and intention--regardless of whether they were conceived in the same fashion.

We want to grow old and watch future generations grow up in a healthy, clean environment.

We want to live with grace and dignity, regardless of our income.

Right now we have a new president who has made some promises to us along these lines. He needs to know that we are counting on him and all of our government leaders to help us build a nation of people who take good care of ourselves and each other.

After you understand what you want and deserve as a human being and as a part of the larger body of people who are all connected, join forces with a powerful movement and have your say. You can start right now, in the next five minutes on your computer.

Vote and advocate for clean air, water, and earth through clean energy policies and environmental regulations.

Vote and advocate for comprehensive health care for every American.

Wash your hands, don't sneeze on people, and give someone in need a ride to get their whole family a flu shot. Vote and advocate for better access to vaccinations for everyone.

Happy advocacy! Healthy life for all people!


  1. And also PAID SICK DAYS! Outbreaks often start in restaurants and grocery stores due to workers not having access to paid time off, or worrying about getting in trouble for taking time off. So many reasons to vote for progressive laws and lawmakers!


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