$Monday: Save $5K a Year + Healthcare by Eating In

Learn to cook--or make someone else do it. Do you have a man, a child in upper elementary or higher, a roommate, or a good friend you see regularly? Delegation is possible. Without giving up quality time with your favorite people, going on a home-cooked diet can upgrade your life and save you thousands of dollars every year.

Me, I love cooking. It's one of the sensual pleasures of my life. So anytime I can make the time, I cook for myself and my family and sometimes for my friends or my daughter's friends. I love colorful spice jars and crushing things with a pestle and squishing my hands into dough.

If you don't love cooking, you can make a deal with others in your life to make it happen.

I have a single lady friend who enjoys cooking but struggles with meal planning and grocery shopping for one on an irregular schedule. She wanted to get back into the habit of cooking and eating healthy meals, so she used a short-term subscription to a meal kit service to make it easier.

Personally, I think hanging out with friends is more fun and laid-back when we eat at someone's home instead of going out, and it sure costs less.

Cooking skills are also great for treating romantic partners to intimate, impressive dates without a hefty bill--or a side of foodborne disease.

Learning how to prepare nutritious food is one of those adulting things that can be fun and extremely pleasurable if you get into it, and it makes you a healthier, wealthier person. Find recipes online, in magazines, in cookbooks, in your family traditions, on TV--however you like to discover them. Get yourself a cute apron, turn on motivating music, and get busy in the kitchen--or drop a hint to your sexytimes partner that they are extremely attractive to you when they cook.

When you get used to eating in, the rare occasions when you go out to eat will feel more special. It's a win-win-win for a more savory existence. Buen provecho!


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