Sparkles in the Dark

It's December in Michigan, when despite our distance from the Arctic Circle, we get about 10 minutes of direct sunlight spread out over 31 days. 'Tis a cloudy state, thanks to the embrace of the Great Lakes, and there isn't yet a thick blanket of glittery snow to reflect what light filters through. This season is great for building fires, snuggling on the couch with a mug of spiked cocoa and a disturbing foreign film (God help me, I'm not a Hallmark movie kind of lady), lighting one's home with chaotic tangles of string lights, and wearing glittery stuff in the daytime. This season brings out my latent maximalist.

Okay, maybe not latent so much as closeted. This is what the top of my dresser looks like at this very moment.

I'm feeling a 2020s home makeover coming for me that will involve a lot of dark, rich, and bold colors and luscious textures that glow or shine or glimmer in low lighting. I think that this will be a comfort and an inspiration to me. I want to live in a home that is minimalist in consumption but maximalist in aesthetic.

Christmastime in Michigan is a great time to try out that kind of thing. I've draped my kitchen and dining room windows and mirror in heavy tangles of web and string lights (leftover from past post-holiday clearance sales), festooned the Christmas tree with all of our cat's toys (our new family tradition begun last year), and pulled out all of the glittery, plush, riotously colorful holiday kitchen linens that Nonna has ever sent to us.

I've also declared myself not above daytime glitter nail polish, lip gloss, eye shadow, highlighter, and fashion accessories, at least for this month. Perhaps I'll be in the mood for wintry Nordic minimalism in the New Year, but I have a feeling I'll crave extra layers of Persian rugs and woolen throw blankets instead.

As they say, staying in is the new going out. So whether or not there's a party somewhere else, I'm getting lit at home and putting on all my sparkles in the dark.


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