Green Therapy Is the New Black Friday

At the risk of sounding like Calvin's dad, it sure feels good to walk off the turkey with a brisk nature hike. Woodlands, parks, and waterfronts are peaceful on Black Friday, when everyone else is playing bumper cars on the icy roads, bludgeoning each other with Nintendo Switches, or crouching indoors behind a screen to troll for great deals on the mountains of junk that sometimes keel over and crush people in Amazon warehouses.

If your weather outside is frightful, however, you may wish to stay inside until the latest storm passes. I recommend building a fire in case the power goes out--and if it doesn't, switch on your best reading light and curl up nearby with a stack of library books. I'm all stocked up with some marvelous finds of my own.

I also have a few other entertainment recommendations for the start of cuffing season. It has now been a nice, round 20 years since the prophetic music video for "Sleep Now in the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine. Pogo like a Wall Street banker in your living room to get your blood pumping like it did back in the day.

Then snuggle up with your lover or furry friend and stream "I Like to Watch," the new Trixie and Katya show, for free on YouTube. Netflix and spill the tea.

Or put on some excellent mood music that none of your friends have heard before. F & M by Lindemann is a sexy, gritty, dark fairy tale soundtrack (literally; half the tracks come from an art house theater adaptation of Hansel and Gretel) accompanied by a series of hard rocking music videos. The latest is for "Frau & Mann" and features my favorite power couple, Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda, as violent combatants within a comically brilliant web of jealous obsessions.

Be sure to devour all of your Thanksgiving leftovers within three to five days. Remember, pie makes a wholesome breakfast.


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