Waiting for My Hair to Dry

...is a thing I can and must do right now, out on the porch with Nonna, because I am on vacation! Which means I'm catching up on appointments, hosting family, and going to all the 4th of July things, of course. My beta readers are sending in their feedback, and I am letting it percolate while I host my mother-in-law over the next two weeks. I am already tired AF (Nonna is a party animal, and I'm only writing this post while she takes a disco nap ahead of her Friday night dive bar crawl), but at least I have good hair due to a salon visit and trying out a new air-dry product. It's probably healthy for me to be on this carnival train of complete distraction for a couple of weeks so I can let myself passively mull over beta feedback before I get started on revisions.

"Muchas gracias," as they say in the presidential debates, to readers Patricia, Mickey, Matt, Lisa, and Victoria!


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