HOW TO STAY by Christina Mitchell

She did it! Christina Mitchell has released her first novel into the wild. Christina is the friend who roped me into doing NaNoWriMo with her years ago and pushed me to write my first complete book. She is still supporting me (and many other authors through her leadership in our local writers' organization) through the process of crafting a really good novel. She's been an avid reader all her life as well as an unstoppable force for sparkles and laughter in the world. She's survived hardships that would have turned most people crusty and aggressive like her debut novel's main character, Adelia, but Christina's tender, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving nature prove more powerful than anything life throws at her. (Sometimes, she may hide these qualities beneath a thin veneer of black lipstick and serial killer jokes, which fail to conceal her inherent cuteness.) For a while there, it looked like Christina might have met her kryptonite in the form of an outsized fear of publishing a book with a typo in it, which she battled with endless rewrites, revisions, and additional reads by professional editors. Thankfully, the spirit of Adelia got fed up and kicked her perfectionism's ass, and she published the book with one missing punctuation mark in the acknowledgements section, like a reverse beauty mark. How to Stay is on sale now in several ebook formats, and the reviews are stellar.

One five-star review by romance author Heather Novak brought a tear to my eye.
'I’ll just read a few pages!' I said. 'I can pick it back up later!' I said. All lies.

I don't think there's any firmer definition of a novel's success than that right there. But do read the full review. It's glorious.

How to Stay is a delicious summer romance, but it's more than that. The characters are complex, heartbreakingly flawed, deeply sympathetic, and worthy of a classic work of literature--except, maybe, they're a little more fun. If you like your romance with a bit of salt and spice mixed in (after all, Christina's writing motto is "Why should the well-adjusted get all the happy endings?"), you'll adore the first in her series set in small-town Michigan. This isn't just a beach read. It's more of an Up North lakeshore treat with a tart cherry on top. I'm waiting until this summer for a paperback copy I can actually take to the beach (and then photograph for Instagram, of course), but if you e-read, you can have it on your hot little device this instant.

Are you intrigued? Of course you are. Visit Christina's website for an excerpt, and join her newsletter to make sure you don't miss her future releases.


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