Pretty Dirty Things for Spring

What do April showers bring?

Mud puddles!

My daughter is as happy as, well, a girl in mud. And that makes me happy!

I am also happy because a shiny new Rammstein video has popped up today, for the single "Radio."

No, not that one. But that's a pretty song too.

This one! Everything old is new again! Behold Rammstein's ode to the sluicy, juicy waves of foreign radio transmissions that irrigated the creative life force back when the band members were growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

Lastly, but not leastly, the reclusive Christina Mitchell is also dropping something wonderful this spring, the very dirty and very pretty romance novel How to Stay. Visit her site for a slippery, squishy, gooey, muddy excerpt! Christina's Bad Girls of Cherry Lake series shares a fictional setting with the fertile lands of Meika Usher's Breakaway Series, which offers four titles ready to pluck now.

A postlude: the ever-fresh video for "Bloom" by Troye Sivan.


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