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Pretty Dirty Things for Spring

What do April showers bring?

Mud puddles!

My daughter is as happy as, well, a girl in mud. And that makes me happy!

I am also happy because a shiny new Rammstein video has popped up today, for the single "Radio."

No, not that one. But that's a pretty song too.

This one! Everything old is new again! Behold Rammstein's ode to the sluicy, juicy waves of foreign radio transmissions that irrigated the creative life force back when the band members were growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

Lastly, but not leastly, the reclusive Christina Mitchell is also dropping something wonderful this spring, the very dirty and very pretty romance novel How to Stay. Visit her site for a slippery, squishy, gooey, muddy excerpt! Christina's Bad Girls of Cherry Lake series shares a fictional setting with the fertile lands of Meika Usher's Breakaway Series, which offers four titles ready to pluck now.

A postlude: the ever-fresh video for "Bloom" by Troye Sivan.

Happy Spring Awakening of the Rusalki!

The water spirits demand hard-boiled eggs.

According to MagPie's Corner on Facebook, the ancient Slavic holiday week known as "first Rusalii," when the rusalki first awaken in the rivers and streams, is happening now. Apparently, they wake up hangry for bread and hard-boiled eggs.

My family will be baking bread and boiling and decorating eggs, you know, just in case. We do live very close to a river. And traditions are important.

So happy First Rusalii to you! Happy Good Friday! Happy Easter weekend! Happy spring, no matter what or how you celebrate. Where I live, Easter is going to be the first warm, beautiful day we've had in a long time, with many warm days to follow--the perfect weather for a spring awakening.

P.S. Matka Danu Miklagarth, epic historical thriller featuring rusalki-impersonating pirates, is nearly 170,000 words long. If this book ever gets printed, it could be used as a weight to walk across the bottom of a river for real.

The Dumb Brilliance of Mom Brain

Having a baby means spring cleaning for your gray matter. But does it enhance creativity in the long run? Research suggests that giving birth causes one of the most dramatic developmental changes in the life of a human brain, that "mom brain" is real and often debilitating, and that birth moms who have their basic needs met during this time not only recover their faculties but emerge from the childbearing years with lifelong enhancements to brain function and bodily health. I hope this is true for me, and I believe it is. I think I'm more efficient, focused, and creative than I was in my 20s. Some of that must naturally come with age. But now, on the other side of caring for a small child, I can look back and see how mom brain--frustrating and frightening as it was--served me and my family and my larger community in mysterious ways.

My daughter is eight years old, and I feel like I am just now beginning to want to reclaim an identity as a person who is more than Somebody…

We Belong to the Moon

I'm feeling all of this poem right now: "Blossom" by Mary Oliver.

Into the fire.

I want to have Matka Danu Miklagarth draft 1 completed by the New Moon in May.