I've only been waiting 10 years for this. NO BIG DEAL.

As someone who loves history, science, anthropology, art, and Rammstein...

As a descendant of German-Americans who served in both world wars...

As the wife of a Holocaust survivor's son...

This is epically satisfying.

Using an unfortunately hilarious turn of phrase amounting to a gallows pun, German authorities have "condemned" the video before its release (ironically and hypocritically doing all the work of promoting the video and single in the German mass media) because of a teaser depicting executions in a Nazi concentration camp. I find this unsurprising--the German government often censors and speaks out against Rammstein's work (thus increasing their concert ticket and music sales). But all to the good. It is an unfortunate reality that a full third of Americans today are misinformed or in denial about the Holocaust and that anti-Semitism and right-wing hate groups are on the rise in Germany and elsewhere. I think we all wish we could simply forget about it and move on, but it's a little too soon for that. Anyway, the maddest people of all about this music video seem to be right-wing hate groups, who are apparently doing most of the Lord's work in raising awareness about this new work of art.

The song and video are about the brutal contradictions within German history and nationality--past, present, and future commingled--and you can't do justice to that topic by glossing over the genocidal bits. Rammstein has treated this mother of all taboos the way they always treat taboos--by creating a masterful horror show to process the fear and shame of it.

Watch it for yourself below, if you can! Almost 200,000 people are busting YouTube trying to watch the premiere.

Behold Berlin-based model / actress Ruby Commey as the personification of Germania.

The final line of the song is, "Meine Liebe kann ich dir nicht geben, Deutschland."

Ummm, this sounded to me like an echo of "Ich Tu Dir Weh" and almost gave me a stroke.

I hope I survive the next four videos coming soon!

The self-titled album is set to bless / curse the world in May.


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