American Dreams of Miklagarth, or: I'll be in the basement until Thanksgiving.

Thank you for voting, America! I don't know if it was the legalize weed stuff that united us across party lines or what, but I am pleased with the high (heh heh) voter turnout for a midterm election. America has not given up on democracy, and for that I am relieved. Freedom!

Now I can descend into the basement lair by the fireplace and focus my attentions on my imaginary friends from a time period and geographic area that is mostly unfamiliar to Americans--but where many of our ancestors lived, loved, and stabbed each other. In my work-in-progress, Matka Danu Miklagarth, the last survivors of the original party of misfits has reached the end of the Danube River and stands before the Black Sea, the threshold of Miklagarth.

Along the way, I've learned many rando facts about 11th century places and peoples, including Germanic "Holy Romans" vs. the Byzantines, assorted Slavic tribes, Magyars, Bulgars, Turks, Egyptians, Nubians, mysterious nomads who apparently traveled from India to Europe before this time, Pechenegs, Maarulal, Adyghe, Goths, Greeks, Rus, Varangians, and the social classes within The City (Constantinople).

My next library trip will involve detailed research into castration and other genital mutilations as practiced within the Byzantine empire for a variety of reasons and with a variety of personal and social effects. Such fun!

I wish you all a happy NaNoWriMo, whether you are formally participating or (like me) using it as an opportunity to finish something rather than start something new. And remember, America, it will be about a month before the Scooby doob legalization takes effect if your state just voted on it, so don't party on the roof quite yet. Dab responsibly, don't DUI, and if you just can't wait to get blitzed out of your brains, at least enjoy your bender in the basement and play Fortnite or something. Do not, under any circumstances, submit your NaNo scribblings in December. Even if you are fully baked, your novel is not. Neither is mine. It's a long trip to Miklagarth. So anyway, thanks to everyone who helped save democracy so we can all go on crafting our pirate stories and steamy romances and sci-fi utopian dreams.


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