Pity Without Mercy

Pity without mercy. That about sums up how I feel about the people who are defending Brett Kavanaugh's alleged behavior, those who defend Ronald McBlumpkin's self-described behavior, and every numbnarded tool in this world who:
  • gets off on degrading their sexual partner and then boasting about it to their supposedly-not-sexual-or-romantic friends, whose approval they desperately need
  • brags about how they pay, coerce, or force people into sexual acts because they don't even realize it's not cute to admit they are devoid of personal attractions
  • staggers around town like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, moaning about how "If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear" and also lawsuits, lots of lawsuits, and also mass barfing

I feel a nauseous sort of disgust mixed with pity about such revolting human failures. It's the sort of pity that does not inspire well wishes so much as regret that this thing ever existed and that I had to know about it. Like, what demented god or freak of nature gave this thing life, anyway? How could it not hate being alive? Why must it have any power over the United States government? And will I ever be able to stop making this face and this retching sound when presented with the horrible fact that some self-loathing masochist has voluntarily had sex with it?

Damn you, Stormy Daniels! You didn't have to share all that information with the world like a case of drug-resistant eyeball warts.

And what on earth, heterosexual women who think "all men" are like Bro K? How deprived of basic human dignity and good sex your life must be! When did you start believing that all men are slime eels and that you are unworthy of love? HASHTAG SAD.

These are just my personal feelings, politics aside.


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