Hallelujah, Back to School!

Nux Gallica has begun second grade! The bus stop has been assigned to our house--not that we need it, because walking takes less than 10 minutes, but it might be nice to use it this winter.

All school supplies are communal. There are no required purchases of supplies, though there was a list of things we could donate voluntarily, so we sent in some of those.

Breakfasts and hot lunches are served free of charge to ALL students in the district.

And the new dress code, below, is the SAUCE and the JAM and all the good things. It makes a strong, positive statement intended to sweep away barriers of sexism, racism, and classism wrapped up in respectability politics. It places responsibility squarely on each individual to mind their own business and manage themselves. I love it!

This district continues to amaze me every year by keeping on the forefront of progressive, inclusive, and thoughtful policies that are implemented with sincere caring and effort. My daughter is getting an excellent education in an environment that holds and respects many kinds of diversity--ability, class, race, culture, religion, etc.--for absolutely free, plus two square meals.

It's a mercy to a working mom, especially one dedicated to nonprofit work and creative ventures. I'm looking forward to an autumn (my favorite season anyway) that frees up some of my time, resources, and energy for increased productivity while feeling secure that my daughter is safe in a caring, supportive, enriching place every weekday.

I have so much gratitude for the teachers, administrators, staff, and parent volunteers who make all this possible! And I'm proud of my Nux for having an excellent first week. Hallelujah!


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