The Kid Is Alright!

Nux Gallica has completed first grade with the highest possible scores in everything on her report card plus special notes from her teachers praising her kindness and helpfulness in the classroom and out on the playground. I am so proud of my little caterpillar!

She also joined the main dojo of the world's highest-ranked sensei of original Okinawan karate and passed her first kyu test!

I cannot take all the credit for my daughter's accomplishments, but I can claim that, as her primary caregiver since birth, I have not messed her up too bad.

Let the aforementioned results stand as evidence that my go-with-the-flow style of parenting, characterized by mindful and heartfelt slacking, has not been a problem for my daughter. To read more about that, see this post from a few years ago: 10 Parenting "Musts" That I Skipped.

I may not have a lot of material successes to brag about, but I'm happy with how this most important of roles in my life is going.


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