Hey June, Don't Make It Bad

Last June, I set a goal to finish Matka Danu Miklagarth by fall. Then a brutal summer happened. I held it together well enough, but obviously I did not finish the book. I'm entering this June with the same writing goal and a better plan: to accept the things I cannot change and to stay cool about honoring my three priorities: family, work, and writing.

Last summer was an absolute cluster migraine of hellacious weather, a ladyproblem recurrence, people starting fights and threatening children near me at both work and home, and the epic destruction and reconstruction of my street in a months-long project that shook the foundation of my house all day every day. It's no wonder I didn't make a lot of progress on my novel.

I'm a bit shell-shocked from last summer, to be honest, and I've been wincing at the approach of this June. As it turns out, I've already had reasons to brace myself. This year's short spring ended with another health issue that, like last year's, was neither permanent nor life-threatening and is also TMI to blog about--it's merely a flesh wound, okay--but was awful to get through. Just as that resolved, I got the worst period of my post-childbirth life, and that's all I will say about that as well. This occurred during a cruel summer heat wave that annihilated Memorial Day weekend for those of us who could not go to the beach and have not installed our A/Cs and don't want to do it this early because we like to be able to open the gosh darn windows in May for Pete's sake. Mother Earth's hot flash ended with a storm that the weather service alert said *might* result in *small* tornadoes. In the midst of this weather alert, I found myself entertaining two small people from the neighborhood looking to have a nice evening and avoid domestic unpleasantness.

Unpleasantness of the sort that, a few years back, left the brother and parents of one of my daughter's playmates brutally slaughtered. That sort.

So we watched Zootopia in the bunker-like basement and had shaved ice and stuff.

I'm reminding myself that there are big things that I, as an individual, have no power to fix, from climate change and other people's trauma to construction timelines and the functions of my own ladyquipment. All I can do is prepare to weather some storms as best I can, preferably with Zootopia and shaved ice, whether there are children involved or not.

It helps to remember all the blessings I have and to invest time and energy in them.

Since last summer, we've added a kitty cat to our family, and she has been a joy and a pleasure for all of us. She greets us at the door with the excitement of a doggie and loves to play as much as she loves to snuggle and purr. Our tiny little rescue runt has made our house feel more like a home than ever.

The human creatures in my home and extended family are also loving and peaceful creatures, and I can be grateful that my overall health is excellent. Road construction is a constant fact of life in Michigan, but I've been enjoying the new sidewalk along my street all year long as I've walked my daughter to and from school every day. The weather forecast for June is looking pretty nice, with lots of days when we can have the windows open. And I have 75,000 words of a wicked crazy book written, which is the entire length of some novels. Not mine, but still. I'm a good way into this thing.

I am going to be mindful about centering myself this summer so that I can be fully present and operational, at least most of the time, in the three main areas of my life: family, work, and writing. Anyway, this summer has to be better than last. I have a new street with bike lane and sidewalk, a new kitten, and a new year of life lessons learned. But please do wish me luck. We all need some of that, too.


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