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Remember the '60s? Neither Do I, But I Can "Imagine..."

Ironically, the easiest way for me to experience a taste of life before the internet is to go on the internet. I can stream music, watch videos, read poems, look at fashion designs, and research news events about time periods like the late 1960s, when everything seemed terrible and hopeful kind of like it is now, minus social media. Also ironically, I find that the best way to appreciate the age of the internet is to spend more time offline.

The other day, I was streaming a family-friendly radio station (children were playing at the house, OK), and John Lennon's "Imagine" came on. My husband and I immediately started singing along but with different words that went something like this:

Imagine there's no Facebook.
It's easy if you try.
No Twitter for our POTUS
Or views for PewDiePie.

Imagine all the people living in real life, ah-ah-ahhh!
Imagine there's no Snapchat.
It isn't hard to do.
Nothing to 'shop or filter
And no hashtags too.

Imagine all the …

Merfolk Have No Swimsuit Season

For those of us whose ancestors hail from the territories of swan maidens and rusalki, going swimming outdoors involves plastering on a thick coat of titanium dioxide, lurking in the shadows, and frightening children who believe in ghosts.

Cultures in every part of the world have folkloric beliefs in aquatic humanoid beings, usually seductive women with deadly powers who inhabit the waters of springs, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Not all of my ancestors gave offerings of food, flowers, and coin to the pallid denizens of European caves; I may have a way-back grandmother from the Congo, where Mamba Muntu rules the East with her serpents and her songs and Mami Wata calls her spirit husbands from the West Coast.

But my own skin possesses not the poppin' melanin of Mamba Muntu, and my habitat lies among the freshwater seas of the Great Lakes.

I could roll myself in glitter fishnets and buy a ticket to the Mermaid MegaFest, which is happening over Memorial Day weekend on the exquisite b…

Seeking the Write Life Balance

The "writer's lifestyle" as imagined through Anthropologie catalogs and biographies of downwardly mobile trustafarians of the early 20th century has been thoroughly debunked by real-life author Rosalie Knecht for any aspiring writers out there who don't know what professional writers' lives are actually like. So what does it look like for a regular person of this century to live the life of a writer? I'm still working it out for myself.

As far as I can tell, writers' lifestyles are crazy quilts of figuring out how to live life while writing about life while supporting life with a reliable income, usually in the form of an unglamorous day job.

My own life is an act of balancing five core needs, in no particular order:
to write novelsto do meaningful work in exchange for a living wageto experience life, especially with my family and friendsto take care of the home where I live with boring chores and upkeepto maintain good health, because I can't do any …

Four-Way with the Vampire

Word on the Tweets is that there are literary agents seeking vampire stories... again. In case this actually becomes a new publishing trend, so soon after its most recent demise, the ladies of the Pigasus Pen have collaborated on developing a concept that Christina (seen here as a vampire, next to my husband in drag) has been keeping in her cleavage for a decade or two.

I can't give any spoilers, but I will say that the idea may get tied into the fictional television show "My Boyfriend the Vampire" from Meika's Breakaway romance novel series.

Meanwhile, I am still writing Matka Danu Miklagarth, and there are no vampires in it, because nobody had thought of vampires yet in the 11th century. However, they had thought of Slavic cannibal mermaids and guardian spirits of the forest and other great paranormal boyfriend/girlfriend material, so there's that.

And here's a picture of me on the same Halloween when Christina was a vampire and my boyfriend (husband, actu…