"Let the River Run" in the High School Musical of My Novel

Matka Danu Miklagarth is a twisted story of murderers and degenerates, but if it were a high school musical, the uplifting song "Let the River Run" would be in it. Please note that this is not that hideous Eminem track you may have heard on the Top 40 station; it's a pop song written by Carly Simon in the late '80s for the movie Working Girl.

Matka is set on the Danube River long before the European colonization of the Americas, and its main characters impersonate regional mythological wilderness-dwelling creatures such as the Leshy, rusalki, and various kinds of sirens or mermaids. Thematically, it deals with values and ideas that interest contemporary Americans like myself (and, presumably, my future readers) in a way that is mindful. After all, America today is a nation of immigrants with ancestry from many deep-rooted cultures, including those portrayed in Matka.

The Danube (and my characters sailing down it) end up in the Black Sea, which connects them to the most cosmopolitan city known to most of the Christian world at that time, Constantinople, which was called Miklagarth by the Viking slavers my characters hunt for slaughter.

Although I am very interested in exploring the ways in which my novel's peoples and places are different from those that currently exist, there are some interesting parallels between a city like 11th century Constantinople and one like New York City, the setting of Working Girl.

Here is an arrangement of the song performed by a high school chorale:

Although I'm kidding around about stage adaptations, Matka is not even finished yet. I'm close to 3/4 through the first draft, and I'm taking a couple weeks off to beta read the soon-to-be-released deliciously naughty romance novels of my two self-pubbing Pigasisters.

I hope to complete my first draft by this summer and complete rewrites and revisions by fall so I can get to work on agent submissions.

Oh, my heart is aching
We're coming to the edge...


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