Daylight Craving Time

Spring fever and DST jet lag have driven us to seek out a pretend springtime at a local Japanese fusion restaurant.

We have our own cherry blossom festival here in Michigan, but it won't happen until May or later. In the meantime, we are "traveling" via Little Passports through Japan's warmer climate, and I am transitioning to a different daily schedule with writing time in the afternoon instead of the morning. I do consider myself a morning person, but I'm going to try switching things up, because I am tired of waking up in the dark.

I am ready for sunshine!

Metaphorically, the ladies of the Pigasus Pen, my writing group, are all patiently awaiting brighter days ahead in our writing careers. But we're not just sitting around waiting for the sun to come out. We're working hard to be ready for the light when it comes.

Meika just released the second book in her romance series on Radish. I don't know what Radish is, because I am an old-fashioned paper book kind of girl, but the first book is available on Amazon already, and a third book is on its way! Meika is the first of our group to publish a novel and will be the first to have a whole series on the market. She's learned that self-publishing is hard work, but she's been hustling and selling those books, both online and at local bookstores.

Christina is close to releasing the first novel in her own romance series, which is connected to Meika's through a shared fictional Michigan-verse. We are all eagerly awaiting the debut of The Bad Girls of Cherry Lake!

Victoria is querying agents for her latest novel, a tale of love and war on horseback, and she is receiving full manuscript requests. This is incredibly exciting!

And as she seeks agents to query about her own work, she's also looking out for agents who might like my work. This is motivating me to pick up the pace on my manuscript, which is getting close to 65K words.

My story is a little bit rock 'n roll, a little bit ancient history, much like this sweet Wagakki Band shredding on koto and shamisen, which I discovered while seeking out new music, because I can't just sit around and wait for the world to turn around and inspire me. When that first spring dawn rises, I'll be ready.

"Thousand Cherry" by Wagakki Band:


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