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April Lovefools

Hindsight is rose-colored.

Isn't that how the saying goes? Anyway, I love April Fools Day--as soon as it's over. I take a media break on April 1--no internet, no TV, no radio, maybe even no phone--and then I plug in the next day and laugh at all the funny pranks other people pulled on other people. Everything is funnier the longer it's been done. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte and his tiny hands. Sapristi!

Or these GAT jeans that were so everything in the 1990s. My daughter thinks they are hilarious.

I will also think it is hilarious if someone buys them from us on eBay. I hear that's a thing now.

Anyway, here are some vintage music videos that savagely mock the histrionics of youthful heartbreak and are fun to watch after you've been happily married for a decade or so.

Now I'm off to start a new project that I won't tell you too much about until later. ;)

I Survived The Awakening

I've finished reading Kate Chopin's classic novel The Awakening, and though it was intense, I am not left with the same soul-sick feeling I had after reading Nedjma's brutal novel The Almond: The Sexual Awakening of a Muslim Woman. The latter is a story about a sane woman who is traumatized and worn down by sexual and emotional abuse until she gives up on romantic love. It's a story that one could imagine happening to just about anyone, given the same life experiences. "There but for the grace of God..."

Kate Chopin's The Awakening, on the other hand, is about the "awakening" of a mental illness in a woman whose troubles cannot be as clearly traced to specific wounds inflicted upon her from the outside. A singular instance of abuse is absent, though the story certainly hints at a repressive childhood grounded in patriarchal religious fundamentalism. The main character, Edna, sets off on a course of destruction when she jumps at the first availa…

#AmReading The Awakening by Kate Chopin (with Safety Gear)

I have just read the introduction (by Marilynne Robinson in this edition) and first few chapters of Kate Chopin's The Awakening. I am immediately reminded of Nedjma's The Almond: The Sexual Awakening of a Muslim Woman, published only about a decade ago.

Although The Almond was written over a century after The Awakening, I read The Almond first. I still remember the sting of reaching the last page and despairing of finding the kind of mind-body-spirit enlightenment implied by the positive word "awakening." I thought a better word might be "disillusionment." Or perhaps, at best, "disenchantment."

It is the story of a girl sexually abused in an oppressive culture, who escapes that culture only to carry the burden of her unhealed trauma into unfamiliar territory, where she wanders compulsively and blindly through (to her) a social wilderness without form, vulnerable and easily victimized. She regresses to her childhood before the trauma, attempts to r…

Writing a Love Scene in the Time of Climate Change

That's my man muse right there. We haven't seen each other since yesterday morning (it feels so much longer, though!) because the progeny and I have been power outage refugees at my parents' house for the past 24 hours. (I earned the right to be a giant baby about this a few years ago, during the Icepocalypse of 2013/14.)

I tried to tough it out at home. There's something invigorating about weathering a storm, emptying out the fridge and stashing the food in the cold garage, stoking a raging fire in the woodstove, piling on furs and holding each other close to stay warm, lighting our home with lovely beeswax candles, and pausing to watch through the living room picture window as the big, old trees of the neighborhood bend and cast off torrents of stubborn dead leaves and broken limbs--listening to the howl and shriek of a windstorm fiercer than any ever before witnessed by a living inhabitant of the Great Lakes region--

And then your daughter starts puking up the very…

Daring and Decorum by Larry Hogue Coming Soon!

A novel I helped beta read, Daring and Decorum by Larry Hogue, has been acquired by an indie press and will be published soon!

Pleased to announce that my first novel, Daring and Decorum, will be published later this year by Supposed Crimes. Signing the contract today! A post shared by Larry Hogue (@larryhogue) on Feb 28, 2017 at 11:26am PST
I'm so pleased, because this is the story of a nice Jane Austen-era lady who gets seduced by a Robin-Hood-like highwayman... who turns out to be a woman in drag! Ensuing adventures take the characters from the English countryside through the seedy, criminal underworld of London. It's ridiculous fun, and I firmly believe that the world needs more of this.

I remain seriously committed to ridiculous fun.

Here I am at a "longship burning," doing "research" on the Viking Age for my own work, which Larry has beta read for me as well.

Here's to literature that explores dead serious, radically pro…