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I Am So Scrawled!

Over the weekend, the amazing Christina and Meika of the Pigasus Pen and the Capital City Writers Association set up an all-day writing event called the Summertime Scrawl in an old train depot with iron light fixtures that look like bats and snakes.

So metal! 

Our "Pen Pal" Victoria also came out and partook of the camaraderie, all-you-can-eat buffet, complete lack of internet access, and complimentary massages. It was a productive day!

I am now 145 pages into The Grove, and my word count has broken 86,000. I'm sure that includes a ton of adjectives and adverbs and phrases I'll need to delete, but still--woohoo!

I've given myself an insane deadline to finish this manuscript, force feed it to some beta readers, and fix all the stupidest parts within the next eight weeks, when... a SECOND literary agent who has requested material from me may be finished reading my first 50 pages. (Yes, I told her the rewrite is not done!) So I need to hurry up and, uh, put out.


Skip the Boring Parts

My daughter just gave me some excellent advice, which she meant in reference to her chapter book bedtime stories, but which pertains just as well to writing a novel.

"Skip the boring parts, Mama." 

And so, with almost as much deletion as addition happening, I am making great progress on my novel rewrite, and the story is moving forward while remaining about 125 pages long.

It's not getting any bigger for now, just sweeter--I hope!

Getting My McStuffins Together

Storms and violence have interrupted my creative work this week. My "excuses" for not getting much done this week are good ones. There are big crises going on, life-and-death situations, real people getting hurt in real life. So I've had to remind myself of the paradoxical truth that keeping disciplined in my creative practice is more important now than ever before.

Because it's the only thing that keeps me together enough to show up and be useful in times of need.

This has been a hot summer, and I've noticed much more violence breaking out around me in my hometown than ever before. I've seen two fights between men screaming in the streets--one that woke me up at night, right outside my house, and one that blocked traffic in front of me while I was trying to drive my daughter home from her grandparents' house. And back at the grandparents' house? Some people came by with a shotgun and shot up a car across the street.

I'm seeing more aggressive dri…

VICELAND of the Free

Happy Interdependence Day! This week's post comes a day early because AMERICA!

"Interdependence Day" is the UU church's "holy" version of the 4th of July, which we celebrate every year by exploring all the ways in which we as Americans are interdependent upon each other, the natural world, and people of other nations.

I stopped into the office briefly on Sunday morning to finish up my revolutionary beige office decor. But could I myself show up wearing neutral colors? No, no, I could not. The crazy church lady / mommy in me cannot resist cheesily dressing up in the festive colors of a holiday. I just can't. I'm like a Serbian soccer fan on game day. (But way, way less violent.) I even dressed my whole family in red, white, and blue. YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!

The dragon collage on the lowest shelf is sort of an homage to my fantasy artist aunt, who used to paint all kinds of familiar, decorative still life and scenery pictures and stick a sneaky u…