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The General Admission of the Ladies' Pleasure

My spirit animal and fairy godsister Esperanzita just wrote about her first time... on the General Admission floor of a Ghost concert. She went expecting to have a hot, naughty time rocking out to her favorite guilty pleasure and had it ruined by a horny bro-dude who showed up with his handsy hands and no game plan.

Bro-dudes, listen. There is a right way and a wrong way to get frisky with a stranger at a concert. I am not opposed to it in general. Back in the early days of this millennium, Esperanza took me to a super hot Jaguares concert in Mexico. As I basked in the sultry voice of Saul Hernandez with his luxurious mane and tight ass bellbottom jeans, I was approached by a muscular and handsome rockero who exhibited his own poetic Romance language skills, rhythmic talents, and courtship maneuvers that still make me sweat to recall. Whoo! Needless to say, my concert experience was greatly enhanced by this interaction, and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Sadly, most interactions we ladie…

Raised with the Ragnarok: Experiencing Death as the Essence of Life

"After the sun swallows the Earth, will Pokemons live on another planet?"

This is the kind of question my daughter asks me on a regular basis (even when there hasn't just been a super blood moon--How metal was that??). She seems to have a cheerfully apocalyptic worldview--that although we're all going to die in the end, that means any wonderful thing is possible in the next cycle of time.

As a Wolf Mother, this brave and optimistic view on mortality gives me peace.

My husband and I believe that death is not the opposite of life; it is a part of life's natural flow. Although there are biological reasons why we all fear death at some level, it is not something we should fear thinking or talking about, and there is nothing scary in the concept of "after death." As Nabokov wisely points out at the opening of his autobiography, it's the same as not being alive yet, and nobody looks back on the time before their own conception with horror.

It is true and …