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Fairy Godsisters of the Pigasus Pen

Presenting the Pigasus Pen! These women are the most important of all influences on my life in fiction. The name of our writing circle is borrowed from John Steinbeck's personal motto, "ad astra per alas porci (to the stars on the wings of a pig)." It nicely complements the earthy humor and high hopes we all share, though our writing styles and genres vary.

Founder Christina writes hilarious love stories with serrated edges. She also sits on the board of the fabulous Capital City Writers Association. She's a whip-smart interpreter of strange human behavior, a fearless leader of the Pen, and a wizard with glittery eyeshadow/scarf/nail art combinations. Go follow her if you're into hard gut laughs and nicely curated writing tips.

Meika also writes hilarious love stories--silly on the surface with deep undercurrents, smoking hot lusty scenes, and an offbeat aftertaste. She has an impressive eye for detail and word choice, and her youthful immersion in pop cultu…

Dear Daughter, Your Happiness Is Not About You

As a professed Hedonist mother, there is nothing I value more than your happiness. But I'll never tell you to "be happy." Because what I've learned in my 32 years of living is that happiness is not a choice, a right answer, or a reward given to those who deserve it.

It's the magnet that draws us toward life.

Happiness is being fully alive, at one with your heart and soul. It's about how you love, how you lose yourself, and how you rise to challenge. And, okay, it is partially about you, and you do have the power to find it and grow it--but not in the ways our culture might tell you.

Right now, you are four. Right now, you are steeped in a life of unconditional love and (mostly) unflagging attention from your adoring family. You have our full support in getting to know and love yourself--every aspect of yourself, every hue and shade and shadow.

You are only four, but you seemed to appreciate the third movie you've now seen in the theater, Inside Out. Perh…