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Lansing Fairy Circle Godsisters

These women are my real life muses--the creative, beautiful, wild and wonderful creatures that bring the magic into my world. They are all women who live in or near Lansing, Michigan, the palm of the Mitten. They are personal friends, and I admire them greatly. Some are close to me in the circle, and some orbit across a void of lifestyle or sleep/wake cycles so that I may only see them in the flesh once every month or year, but they all inspire me. There are more muses in my circle than I'll share on this list (and the others that will follow), but these are some of those ladies who currently have blogs or websites to pass along!

Esperanza the Mermaid Esperanzita is my bestie since high school, when we bonded over vandalism art, Frida Kahlo, and punk rock concerts in the Dirty D. This woman is a siren of the spoken word (in English or Spanish, both of which she has taught professionally). Her style is the love baby of Gwen Stefani and Lila Downs. Her scent is tropical flowers and s…

The Way of Hedone

This summer, I'm practicing mindful hedonism as a parent. Hold on, don't think of Tinkerbell having fairy orgies in Neverland or satyrs gulping grapes. The meaning of the word "hedonism" has changed as much over time as that of "Epicureanism" (created by a real Debbie Downer of a guy who thought delicious foods should be avoided lest you crave them later). Hedonism is named after an infant goddess in a Hellenistic myth that is at least 2,500 years old. The goddess's name, Hedone, means simply "Pleasure," or more broadly interpreted, "Happiness."

I adore the myth of Psyche and Amor (a.k.a. Cupid or Eros), which is at the root of many familiar fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Hedone's family tree is basically this: Amor (Love) existed at the beginning of time, as a primordial force of creation. After the creation of our world and a bunch of godly sexual and asexual proliferation, Aphrodite…