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The New Domain of the Magic Nutshell

Sounds mystical, eh? Please note that this blog has a new custom domain, and some comments made through Google+ have vanished from this site. (Sorry, it was nothing personal!)

I am no longer managing comments through Google+. Now anyone can comment directly under each post, without using Google+. I hope this makes it easier for us to discuss important matters such as twisted histories, Rammstein, dark fairy tales, cute children, and Writers' Butt.

The Magic Nutshell only opens to release its content twice a month (or a little more, if I have a special announcement like this one). You are welcome to subscribe by email or follow any of my social media profiles listed in the sidebar.

On the first Monday of each month, I present a Middle Path Mother post inspired by Devi Maya, who birthed the Buddha right out of her armpit. I believe that like Devi Maya, we can generate life beautifully in many ways beyond what is marketed to us as "right" or "natural."

At a surpr…

What's Your Story (Morning Glory or Moonflower)?

"What's the best time of day to write?" This is one of the first questions I started asking professional writers, when I was a nervous young novice in school.

I never did receive a coherent response to that question, but I feel certain that I know the answer now--There is definitely a right answer, but that answer depends upon your individual circadian rhythm. The best time to write (or paint or do any other creative work) is at the hour when you naturally bloom.

Much has been written lately about larks vs. night owls (or, as I like to call them, morning glories vs. moonflowers). Plenty of articles claim that one type is better, or that the best way to be is right in the middle between the two extremes (what I might call a happy sunflower). Personally, I don't buy that garbage. When we are talking about creativity and productivity in society, it seems obvious that a mix of different types is most beneficial--and interesting. Who wants to be creative just like everyon…

10 Parenting "Musts" That I Skipped

Why follow steps when you can skip?

This smart-ass slacker attitude served me well in school, so I'm rocking it as a mom!

Also still going strong is the voice of my daughter's Queen Elsa doll, which--thanks to the magic of whatever they put in batteries these days--has not stopped reminding me to "Let it go, let it goooooo!"

We live in a culture that is obsessed with telling parents what to do--what to buy, what to eat, what to say, what to think, what to feel, what to fear. Because of this, Elsa's anthem has spoken to many of us on a deep level for the past couple of years, forcing us to recall our youth, all its pressure and those thrills of breaking free from other people's well-intentioned but stifling expectations.

From the moment we get pregnant, our hands are stuffed with videos about what kinds of "birth experiences" we should try to have, what plans to follow, what CHOICES to make. How to not screw up our kids, how to keep them pure and sp…