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Three Princesses Gone Wild (Grimm Tales You've Never Heard)

Today, in my continued excitement over the first-ever English translation of the Grimms' original, first-edition tale collection (thanks again, Jack Zipes), I am going to demonstrate the act of storytelling in a couple of different ways.

First, I'm going to rewrite, from memory and in my own words, two stories of princesses behaving in a very un-Victorian manner from the collection that I have read exactly once. (No peeking at the book, I promise.) You'll have to pick up a copy of the book to see how closely my retellings match the text. (Here's a hint... I made up the thing about the wigs. But I'm sure that's how it would have gone down, if you think about it.)

Next, I present a video of myself reading a selection aloud, straight from the book. The story I read here is "The Long Nose," which should make Pinocchio feel a little less ashamed of his, uh... nasal enlargement penitence. This is something that has been happening to naughty men (and princes…

Groundhog Love

Nine years ago today, my love and I eloped at a courthouse. We didn't choose Groundhog Day on purpose; we had already set a wedding date for the spring of the next year, but I started to get a toothache and didn't have health insurance, as I could only work part-time while taking grad school classes. My fiancee chivalrously offered his dental policy, which we needed a marriage certificate to obtain for me, so we booked an appointment at the earliest possible time, a Tuesday afternoon which just so happened to be Groundhog Day--amazingly, the holiday that shares the same name as the one and only rom-com that my husband enjoys.

We've been through so much over the past nine years, keeping the romance alive through a balance of romantic tradition and trying new things. This year, we're having some fun with our personal style--I'm pruning my closet and cosmetics drawers and haven't been buying any new fashion items, forcing myself to get creative with nothing but ha…