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The Complete First Edition: The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, translated and edited by Jack Zipes, illustrated by Andrea Dezso

FINALLY! More than two hundred years after its initial publication, someone (Jack Zipes, bless you) has translated the document (and a summary of the scholarly notes) into English!

I am in GEEKSTASY over here.

I received this book as a gift from Krampus over the holidays for being... a good girl? A bad girl?

After all, the moralism of these early versions of the tales, while certainly present, is inconsistent and... let us say, of a less Victorian bent than Wilhelm's commercialized seventh edition tales with which the world is so familiar.

Many of these stories are wild, wooly, and weird, reading much like dream sequences or episodes of Adventure Time. While the plots are a hot mess compared to those of more refined literary stories (lending them an authentic flavor of informal, oral tradition), the characters are vivacious, juicy, and earthy, showing a surprising range of personalities and emotions.

These stories feature loads of premarital sex, deals with the devil that turn out…

Happy Screw

2015 is here! I thought about choosing the word SERENITY as a mantra for my new year, but I have a preschooler, so screw that--happily!

Last year, in lieu of resolutions, I chose the word SHAMELESS to focus my energies for the year 2014. I feel satisfied with how that word loosened up the worst of my psychic shame baggage with a little irreverent humor. The symptoms of my anxiety disorder have been drastically reduced, and I feel calmer and more resilient. I feel like a less anxious, more affectionate, more effectively loving mother.

So now I'm ready to move on to the next level of self-improvement (which is not a step toward a final, ultimate goal--I hope to never run out of the will to improve myself as long as I live!). I thought of the word SERENITY first because I thought of my shame as a mucky cloud that fogged my emotions and reasoning. Reducing those shame feelings gave me a sense of clarity, of peaceful emptiness. I felt the space to breathe, to move, to be free of self-…

Ich Liebe Rammstein: Till

UPDATES:  In 2018, Richard has immortalized his lifelong bromance with Till in a tender duet about their friendship, "Let's Go" by Richard's side band Emigrate. Till sings words such as "Zwei Herzen in mir schlagen" with sincerity and I think I am now deceased.

After purging his sillies on the side project LINDEMANN and participating in another Rammstein documentary video, Till has begun work on a seventh Rammstein album, estimated to be released in 20172018 f*@#@#! *%&#$*! 2019 according to Peter Tagtgren

In October 2017, NatGeo released a photo book of Till's travels in the Yukon with Joey Kelly: Mein Gehasster Freund Yukon

Yukon Ho!

For fresh squeezed gossip juice, here's a bad (as in so good) romance. Till Lindemann
Till Lindemann is the only living human who could kick Chuck Norris's ass, but he doesn't, because they go on emo hunting trips together. The source of this fact, Urban Dictionary, also provides the following essential d…