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The Skeletons in Santa's Closet

If visions of sugarplums give you a toothache, gather 'round the Yule log for these spooky stories of
Santa's shadow side. The dark side of the Claus is as rich and complex as one of Vosges founder Katrina Markoff's dark chocolate exotic truffles (hint hint to anyone wondering what to put in my stocking this year), filled with gooey, melting, folkloric mystery. Or perhaps I could say that Santa's past is as dark and spicy as one of Katrina's Catrina pops--chocolate "sugar skulls" on sticks created in homage to the Mexican Day of the Dead. Also great stocking stuffers.

It may be an unfortunate coincidence that "Old Saint Nick" sounds so very like "Old Nick," but it turns out that it was no great leap for Tim Burton to meld Halloween and Christmas in his (now vintage) holiday film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Santa Claus (or should we call him Sandy Claws?) is, after all, a refined sugar derivation of many sanguine veins of myth flow…

Smart Cookies for the UnPinterested Mama

'Tis the season that challenges parents to strike a balance between gluttony and wholesomeness,
festivity and serenity, financial ruin and grinchery! This is the time of year when a working mom's distillation of time, resources, and life force into "what really matters" is put to the ultimate test.

In the spirit of generosity, I will share with you what I treasure most about the holidays and how I have decided to maximize goodness and minimize stress this year.

What I Love Most About the Holidaysfamily timebutterbaking smellssparklespretty Christmas musicfire in the woodstovegiving festively wrapped boxes and watching people or pets unwrap themtaking photos of my kid covered in joyful messes of glitter, sprinkles, or snowbutterdecorating with red and goldpine conesbutter
What I Love Least About the Holidaysjunky toys and unwanted gifts piling up (for the love of Baby Jesus, no more batteries or pod coffee abominations!)going broke
Giving only edible gifts to ever…