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May I Follow You? (Du Riechst So Gut...)

I promise I won't bite... unless you publish or offer for sale something tasty, then I might spring.

Dear readers of The Magic Nutshell, I want to get to know you better. The vast majority of comments on my posts now happen offsite, on Google+ and Facebook and other social media platforms--or in person, by friends who often surprise me by letting me know they read my blog! And the vast majority of my readers don't comment at all, at least not where I can see.

I've met some pretty fascinating people through the blog in the past, people who share many of my interests but who have different life experiences and perspectives on the same material. So I want to meet more of you.

Are you new to the Nutshell? I post twice a month, once on the first Monday for a "Middle Path Mother" entry on the lifestyle of a creative, working parent, and once more on the lifestyle of a writer with a full work and family life. My work in progress is called Briars and Black Hellebore, and…

When Mommy Works and Writes: Do or Don't Let It Go

I'm halfway through my fourth year of mothering while working two part-time jobs and writing a novel. Queen Elsa's hit song has been the perfect soundtrack to my life lately. (And that's a good thing, considering how little choice I have in the matter, whether at home or out in any public place!) It's clear by now that a woman can have a lot of things in life, just not all at once, and a woman can lean hard in any direction, but physics limits us to only one direction at a time. Summer and winter can't coexist; there's a season for everything. Blah blah blah.

So what does it all mean in terms of specifically when a creatively powered lady needs to let go and when she needs to hold on tight? The complicated truth is that the sweet spot is in the center of a Venn diagram with many spheres of passion and obligation, and its dimensions are as personal and changeable as a mommy's body measurements--making Naked Lady Parties essential (read on). 

But I will go a…