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Films for the Girl Who Likes to Be Scared

"I like to be scared" comes out of Nux Gallica's mouth as often as "I like to be cold like Queen Elsa," or, quoting Frozen's hit song, "The cold never bothered me anyway" (usually in response to me trying to wrestle a jacket onto her before we go outside). This is the three-year-old with a film buff uncle who claims her favorite movies are Ghostbusters and Spiderman (the Tobey Maguire version) and proves it by demonstrating that she has memorized the dialog. This is the child with the imagination that leads her to fret at bedtime, "There's a monster under the bed," only to be comforted by my assurance, "Don't worry, the ghost in the corner will take care of it." "You mean the nice ghost with the spider on its head?" she whispers. I nod, and she snuggles into the covers and drifts sweetly to sleep.

Nux is not the next Wednesday Addams. She loves pink and purple, sparkles, hearts, Barbies, princess dresses, and

Rethinking Pink for a Blueberry Girl

Score one for Pinkie Pie. A few months back, I wrote a post about pinkwashing and the obnoxious overgendering of children's products. I still stand by the obnoxiousness of children's marketing, but I am learning that raising a well-rounded child allows for a little bit of revelry in popular culture without harm.

Last weekend, my daughter hung out with Cinderella (and a crowd of other Disney princesses) and did not get eaten. Nux Gallica and I, together, dressed from head to toe in blinding shades of pink and sparkly things and clickety-clackety high heels and attended a fairy tale princess party at a corporate chain store packed with Disney princess paraphernalia. And after I not only allowed my daughter to indulge in the pinkest and sparkliest of dress-up clothes but also wore a matching outfit and read the barf-inducing book Pinkalicious to her in the store, she made the following choices:

1. What would you like painted on your face? "A rainbow!"
2. At the arts and…