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Mythology writer Amalia Dillin is hosting a No Kiss Blogfest, and there is no kissing allowed. No frog smooching, no narcoleptic princess snogging, no mouth on mouth action of any kind. It's like the sign inside the Christian roller rink where I skated in my childhood, except there will be no teenagers making out under the NO KISSING sign. No kisses allowed, just ALMOST kisses.

So dust off your steamiest kiss-tease scene from your WIP or find a clip of your favorite TV or movie almost-kiss scene and queue it up for January 2! Follow the link above for official rules and sign-up.

Spruce Up, Trim Down for the Holidays

This year, I've made my home into a cozy Christmas wonderland on a wreath-shaped budget of $0. Yes, zero. One big, round O. Like Santa's belt. Like the halo on Baby Jesus. PIN THAT, SUCKAZ.

You see, I'm attempting to take the magical, glittering high road between grinchiness and greed. I'm seeking that sweet spot where whimsy and the true meaning of the holidays come together. In that spirit, my goal is to maximize the magic of the season while cutting the crap.

This merry season begins just after the holiday weekend when we gave thanks for what we already have. Thanskgiving also kicks off a season of gleeful excess, and in many ways, I'm fine with that. I'm fine with eating rich foods on special occasions, buying and doing frivolous things just to spread joy during a dreary month, and the decorating/fashion look that Dolce and Gabbana describe as "more is more." Feasting and glitter-bombing are seasonally appropriate behaviors that are deeply embedde…

Keep Saturn in Saturnalia!

A holiday classic post...

Saturnalia is an ancient Roman religious festival, celebrated in December with a week-long frenzy of shopping, gift giving, donning gay attire, feasting, drinking, bath orgies, baby gods, and pointy felt elf hats. Today, Saturnalia is recognized worldwide by nerds, from Ren Faire devotees to classical history scholars, and by weirdos like me who feel polyamorous about religion. Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukkah! Delightful Divali! Super Solstice!

Happy holidays to everyone!