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Predictive Dormancy

It's that time of year! The leaves are turning, my inspiration is up, and my flex time is down. My day jobs are getting in gear along with the start of the church year and the renewal of legislative shenanigans. The holidays are coming with all their time demands, costs, and gifts of priceless enjoyment with my little girl.

This fall, I'm recommitting to my lapsed meditation practice and seeking ways to divert a few more precious hours each month to my novel. The Magic Nutshell is going into a dormant phase until I have something noteworthy to share about my novel's progress or my writing group. Middle Path Mother and all other posts are now on hold. I hope to return soon enough, full of maternal wisdom and the nutty magic of storytelling. See you later!

Tales from Nux Gallica

Like my blog's namesake, the magic nutshell of folklore, my two-year-old daughter Nux Gallica's tiny skull never ceases to amaze me with its magical contents.

I have an uneasy relationship with popular fairy tales. I love them, of course. I'm fascinated with them, but I'm obsessed with criticizing the horror, misappropriation, misogyny, and commercialization that saturates them. I provide my daughter, Nux Gallica, with wholesome and girl-empowering books to read, but she is naturally drawn toward popularized fairy tales, as inevitably as Hansel and Gretel were lured to the gingerbread house. But I go ahead and watch the Disney movie with her. I read her the propaganda tale. And I ask her to engage with me about it.

"You read it to me this time," I say. Before I censor or correct anything I think might be harmful or confusing to her, I feel out her own interpretation. We adults do so much projecting onto our children. So most of the time, when I ask Nux to tel…