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Muses of the Grimm

I often wonder about the women who told the fairy tales to Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm to write down. We know very little about these modern-day muses who were the oral sources of the tales that the Grimm Brothers rewrote into the most popular book in history aside from the Bible. We do know a few things; they were German and French, and they told stories that were passed down among women, by mothers and grandmothers and nannies. They were told to other women and sometimes to children. Some of the tales were pure folklore, and others were popular retellings of single-authored works written in other countries and languages.

And I wonder about all the women who came before those veiled friends of the Brothers Grimm, the women who carried and rebirthed those tales, multiplying and dispersing them over several continents and several thousand years.

I find it interesting that before the Grimm brothers heavily edited and revised the tales to adapt them into books suitable for sale to German me…

Have Baby, Will Travel

Or not. It's up to you. "Have baby, will travel" was my mother-in-law's motto when DaddyMan was a little boy. Some families have a great time traveling with little ones and showing them the world, and some do not. A lot of it has to do with the child's temperament, the parents' temperament, budget constraints, the physical health and abilities of the family members, and the behavior of fellow travelers. Those things are mainly outside of our control, but two powerful tools are within our control: planning ahead and saying no.

Here I am at a wedding venue with Nux Gallica, who is all gussied up and trying to hitchhike out of there.
There are lots of fun things about traveling with a baby or during pregnancy--you get to show off your bump or baby to far-off loved ones in person (so much better than on Facebook!), shake off cabin fever, and maintain connections to the larger world. I first felt my Nux Gallica move when I was about four months pregnant, while putt…