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Don't pants yourself!

A successful young author once told me, "There are writers who call themselves pantsers. You can tell who they are because they don't have anything finished."

Now before you get your pantses in a bunch, let me just say that I know there are writers who identify as "pantsers" who actually DO finish novels and get them published. But the identification as a "pantser" versus a "plotter" (which sounds unflatteringly like "plodder," doesn't it?) is often a way of evading the real work of crafting, which every novelist ultimately has to do. It's avoiding the hard work by placing the focus on what kind of person you are (which isn't about results), not what kind of art you are producing (which is all about results). The truth is, every novelist is both a pantser and a plotter. The truth is, nobody freewrites a publishable first draft. No seven-part novel series was ever born complete in a single dream which only needs to be co…

Mama's Day Our Way

Mama's Day Our Way is an initiative to expand the celebration of Mother's Day to embrace every kind of family in one all-inclusive mama bear hug! Whatever flavor of mama you are, and whoever mothers you, you may just find the perfect e-card on (Free and spam-free.)

The organization that developed these, Strong Families, says, "We see the trend of families defining themselves beyond the picket fence—across generation, race, gender, immigration status, and sexuality—as a powerful and promising development for the US."

On May 12, I wish you all a celebration of the myriad ways we mother. Happy Mama's Day!

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