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Hard Lessons from A Rally of Writers

Last weekend, the ladies of the Pigasus Pen attended the 26th annual Rally of Writers in Lansing. It was the first year that the Rally sold out completely ahead of time--writers found themselves excitingly, yet somewhat uncomfortably, packed together with the largest crowd of other writers they had ever seen. Rally founder Linda Peckham welcomed us at the beginning by describing ARoW as the "warmest" writing conference in the nation, and I think she was probably spot-on. (We Michiganders are desperate for warmth in April.) The speakers and workshop leaders were remarkably candid, earnest, and generally hilarious. We had opportunities to meet a fabulous editor and a local agent. I learned some important lessons--some kind of hard--and galvanized some of my preexisting notions about writing and publishing.

The workshops I attended were called "Beginning the Short Story," "Young Adult Fantasy," "Writing for Children," and "Striking the Match.&…