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Till When?

The "Mayan Apocalypse" has come and gone, and so has my 30th birthday, and still the world turns. I fervently hope it will continue after January 4, 2013, when Till Lindemann turns 50.

Dun dun dun...

Anybody remember that German Playboy interview where Till mentioned retiring at age 50? That was a long time ago, of course, and many of us know how it is to think a certain age is "old" from a distance, but when you approach, it doesn't look quite so crusty close up. Based on Rammstein's touring schedule stretching into summer 2013 (which is already selling out--eff yeah, grandpa rockstars!), Till must have changed his mind sometime in the past decade or so.

Which is great, because the way I see it, as long as Rammstein aren't too old to be rockstars, I'm not too old to be a giddy fangirl. Even if my favorite band has gone out to pasture, so to speak, in the meadows of Europe's rock festivals. Eeeeeee!

I have a recurring dream (or is it a nightma…

Choosing Pregnancy and Childbirth Care

This post continues the Middle Path Mother series on first Fridays of the month.

As I mentioned in last month's MPM post, I am more of a plotter than a pantser--in writing and life, too. But I'm also an opportunist who makes choices quickly.

Before I conceived, I was already talking with my primary care physician about pregnancy wellness. And as soon as I saw that little blue line on a home pregnancy test, I scheduled a doctor's visit to make it "official."

I trust my doctor very much, and she recommended the most well-regarded Ob-Gyn practice in town, so I simply took her advice and had her transfer my care right away. It worked out great for me, but many women want to know more about their options before placing their pregnancy and birth in the hands of a caregiver.

There are many different people--and different sorts of professionals--you may prefer to deliver or "catch" your baby. Think about your ideal birth scenario, and also consider a backup…