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Till When?

The "Mayan Apocalypse" has come and gone, and so has my 30th birthday, and still the world turns. I fervently hope it will continue after January 4, 2013, when Till Lindemann turns 50.

Dun dun dun...

Anybody remember that German Playboy interview where Till mentioned retiring at age 50? That was a long time ago, of course, and many of us know how it is to think a certain age is "old" from a distance, but when you approach, it doesn't look quite so crusty close up. Based on Rammstein's touring schedule stretching into summer 2013 (which is already selling out--eff yeah, grandpa rockstars!), Till must have changed his mind sometime in the past decade or so.

Which is great, because the way I see it, as long as Rammstein aren't too old to be rockstars, I'm not too old to be a giddy fangirl. Even if my favorite band has gone out to pasture, so to speak, in the meadows of Europe's rock festivals. Eeeeeee!

I have a recurring dream (or is it a nightmare?) that my husband and I go to our next Rammstein concert in some dismal, post-apocalyptic venue like a punk rock club in downtown Detroit or a church bingo hall. They're pretty funny dreams, at least to nerds like me who dream in fanfic.

I had quite a scare when the video for the new piano version of "Mein Herz Brennt" was released a few weeks ago. Only Till appears in the video, and all he does is walk around in a Robert Smith costume and a maternity wrap. I had flashbacks of "Mutter" and couldn't help wondering--Are Daddy and Daddy and Daddy and Daddy and Daddy and Daddy getting a divorce???

I was totally relieved when the explicit video for the same single was released, a Bihac masterpiece of the disturbing and wacky quality I expect from that director's work with Rammstein. I found it chilling how Rammstein continues to have its collective finger on the devil's pulse. This video was shot before the Sandy Hook school shooting and on a different continent, but it portrays a monster that feeds on children's tears attacking an institution full of children. A caregiver attempts, unsuccessfully, to defend the children with a gun. The evil force is too large and all-consuming to be subdued with a simple weapon, and the whole building burns. It's terrifying, grotesque, and hits all the right notes.

As an American, of course I'm seeing the work in light of events close to home.

As an American, I am also endlessly disappointed that I cannot find incessant paparazzi shots and updates on my favorite overseas celebrities when they're not on the public stage. I've often wondered what they might be doing since I went to see them for my wedding anniversary in May, and I have had a few glimpses into Till's off-game activities, courtesy of my Mexican bestie Esperanzita.

Till WAS photographed this summer partying with some of my favorite Mexican rockeros, the men of Molotov. HERE COMES THE MAYO!

Apparently Till has also been passing the time posing as a lovely Latina. Coincidentally, this is something my husband also enjoys!

And happily for me, Till still appears to enjoy burning up the stage and studio like it's 1995! Till when? Only time will tell!

Feliz cumpleanos, Mein Herz. Half a century is SO METAL.


  1. Ahhh even though I'm not a Til fangirl like you this post made me laugh, Especially your Mister looking so giddy as a Senorita.

    Be very glad that your favorite band has continued to improve and to keep creating relevant music. As you know, I was a HUGE fan of Marilyn Manson in my late teens... and that did not age well. Sad face.

    1. Ahahaha and I spelled Till's name wrong. It's only written a dozen times up above. Derr.

  2. So like, Randy is sitting across from Till and I have touched Randy, I've smooshed all up on him, so technically, Till has touched me.


    1. Well... You smooshed on Randy before he met Till, so technically, YOU have touched TILL. You dirty birdie.

  3. GREAT post, Jeannie :-) I particularly enjoyed the silly shots of off-work Till, which made me wonder whether you saw the photos of him on his 50th with Joe Letz (from Emigrate?)? It was really interesting to me to read your interpretation of the MHB explicit version video: to me, Till is NOT the monster in that scene - the woman (Schwartze Fee) is! Till (to me) has come back to sort her out once and for all, which he proceeds to do, even though it hurts him terribly to do so since he both loves and hates her, his abuser (a common theme amongst abused children). She is now old and frail and in terms of power has only a stick to try and control him with, as opposed to the gun she possessed to keep him in line as a child. I feel that Till's character throughout both is both abuser and abused (both innocent and monster), as is common in abused children: they go on, damaged, to become an abuser themselves, all the while hating themselves on some level for doing so. This, I feel, is why he tears out and eats his own heart/that which he loves: sometimes one must do so in order to move on and set oneself free. By eating the heart he reabsorbs its lessons rather than discarding them. (I also feel it all represents Real Till and Rammstein Till: the 'monster' he has created for himself in his dedication to and the expression of his art...) So anyways.............! Till. 50. Still as gorgeous and intriguing as ever, and still NOT retired! Yay! Long may he run, I say, as long as he still enjoys it :o) With love, Jay xx P.S. Zoran Bihac describes MHB Piano Version vid as being akin to "the farewell of the actor to his audience", which made my heart leap rather - noooooo! So I shared your relief seeing the explicit video...! (Link to Zoran interview here

    1. Hello, Jay! I did see Joe Letz' Instagram shot of him kissing Till on his birthday--hotness.

      Nice multi-layered, folkloric interpretation of the video. Most of Rammstein's videos seem like the nightmares of children raised on Grimms' tales, don't they?

      Thanks for the link to Zoran's interview--I'm about to check it out!

  4. ...Jeannie, I forgot to warn you about the bit where Zoran says "Also what is happening to Till in Mein Teil, it is happening for real. Rammstein is the real stuff, that's why it is so intense....", at which point I almost choked on my coffee and went "DAMN!!! I've always said, 'That blow-job...? Really does look like the real deal to me...but it CAN'T BE, of course...!!!'" ;-)

    1. Yeah, Zoran is absolutely filthy!! Maybe that is why Till looked so squirmy and sick after filming and said he hoped his mother wouldn't find out! LOL, Zoran has spilled the beans. So to speak.


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