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This is how babies are made.
About half of pregnancies in the U.S. are oopsies, and half are totally on purpose. (Guttmacher) This post is intended for mamas-to-be who are either pleasantly surprised or hoping to conceive.

First, let's address the element of surprise. There is a big trend right now of women who are not-really-not-trying to get pregnant, sort of leaving it up to fate. There are also women who are actively trying not to get knocked up but decide to roll with it when it happens. One of the great things about deciding to have a baby, whether you meant to start it right now or not, is the opportunity pregnancy brings to overhaul your own health and life priorities. You have the best, sweetest, most legitimate excuse and motivation to start eating healthy, quit drinking and smoking, and get regular exercise, sleep, and medical checkups. It can be very difficult to motivate ourselves to make those changes on our own, just for our own sake, especially when we're young…