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Middle Path Mother

Friends, meet Devi Maya, mother of the Buddha, who is depicted here giving birth joyfully through her ribcage whilst standing on one foot and holding onto a tree.

I like to let Devi Maya remind me that being centered, in-the-moment, and happy does not require us to find a perfect life "balance," obsess over whether we are "natural," or do anything "properly." Each of our children is as unique and precious as a little Buddha, and we mothers, too, are unique in our gifts and strengths. There is beauty in asymmetry and strangeness just as there is serenity in the simple flow of regular, repeating forms.

It seems that the culture I live in is all about exaggeration and opposition. There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to do everything, a crunchy hike and a smoothly paved trail, attachment vs. detachment, success against nurture. There are Mommy War skirmishes fought behind the front lines of a War on Women.

But this mother, both toughened up and softened by…

Mama Dance! Mama Dance!

After honoring myself with a postpartum degree in YouTube belly dance, I treated myself to two real-life belly dance lesson series earlier this year. I advanced from beginner to beginner/intermediate (woohoo!), and most importantly, I got to leave the house and get some exercise without a toddler clinging to my limbs or jamming her finger in my belly button.

This weekend, I will leave my 20s behind and become a mature woman of 30! I'm excited about it, but I'm not going to lie and say it has caused me no anxiety. My life is pretty ordinary--I haven't started my own business or published a book or had 15 minutes of fame on a reality show. And that's OK, but I like to remind myself of the accomplishments I have made so far--ordinary but important things. Like buying (and keeping) a house. And giving birth to a child. And raising up a healthy, happy toddler. And keeping my body fit and strong through childbirth and nearly two years of baby/toddler wrangling.

To get ready…