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30th Birthday Style Muses

As the weather is getting cooler, so am I! That's right, fall has arrived, the leaves are turning yellow, and I will soon be turning 30. A few years ago, I started to fear that great big 3 digit looming over the tens place of my age. But now that I'm almost there and many of my friends have passed the mark, only to have better lives than ever before (and still no wrinkles), my only anxiety is over whether I am cool enough to be 30.

I've decided to purge my closets, drawers, and bathroom cupboard (goodbye, five-year-old wedding makeup!), get a fresh haircut, and give myself a sophisticated style makeover for my 30th birthday.

I still have a few weeks to screw around through the end of my 20s, but I am collecting fashion and style muses from various decades to inspire my new look.

Paris, 1910
You may notice that the muses I am about to list all fall into the rather boring category of thin, fair women. This is not because I think that only skinny white girls are beautiful. The…

The Heresy of Optimism

My two greatest joys in life are mothering and storytelling. Storytelling came first, and part of its allure is its way of taking me to an alternate reality, somewhere I can escape from the drudgery and worries of my real life. The danger is that writing fiction can become a diversion from facing real trouble. Why try to fix the brokenness of this world when I can create and explore another?

Becoming a mother has grounded me. Bearing a child is the greatest act of hope. It is a full commitment to engaging with the difficult present and the terrifying future. I care about my daughter's life with a ferocity that I have never felt for my own.

My livelihood at this point in my life is closely tied to politics and lawmaking. And even if I had a different career, there would be no way for me to shut out the offensive, disgusting, and threatening messages entering my awareness from every radio, television, news outlet, and social media feed.

Angry Jesus. Guns. Rape fatigue.

It k…