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Pressing Emotions

I am finding more and more that writing fiction is the best compress for an emotional wound.

Readers of fiction tend to be highly compassionate. Maybe it is because we are accustomed to and interested in delving into other people's perspectives. Writers of fiction are often introspective, sensitive, and analytical. It's no wonder that many reader/writers suffer from anxiety. I am no exception; I have an anxiety disorder that keeps me up some nights with tremors, an upset stomach, and insomnia. And my best treatment for those dark times is my writing.
My family and I have been through some very hard times during the past couple of years. We lost my father-in-law. My husband lost his job unexpectedly. And there have been other hurts that I can't share online except in the vaguest terms:
Someone close to me broke my heart by self-harming. Someone hurt a person I love. A stranger posted deeply offensive and threatening words online.
Often there is no appropriate external resp…