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2012 Half Year Review

The year is more than half over! As we draw closer to my 30th birthday and the misinterpreted Mayan apocalypse, I reflect upon my accomplishments so far.

1. Stay in shape with belly dance stretches and drills three times a week.
Status: In Progress!

Happily, I was able to move beyond the Sadie DVD when I found a real, live, excellent belly dance instructor in town--just before she decided to move to a cooler city! I honored myself with a completed degree in YouTube Belly Dance and moved on to a real beginner belly dance class in the spring. Now that I've learned my teacher is moving, I'm doubling up this summer and taking two courses at once: a second round of Level 1 tribal style and also a Level 2 props class. I've already danced through one session with a cane on my head and only dropped it once! What fun.

2. Build writing time into my weekly schedule and stick to it throughout the year.
Status: In Progress!

Thanks to Miss Moppet, I have a new writing group, The Pigasus Pen…

The Pigasus Pen

(plush pigasus by Jefita on Etsy)
I have a new writing group! And it is so good. We are a small band of young women in our 20s and 30s, founded by comedic romance writer Miss Moppet and including: the power-tool-wielding, world-traveling, journalist and children's writer Victoria Solomon; wacky contemporary romance writer Meika Usher; and myself. Miss Moppet christened our group the Pigasus Pen after John Steinbeck's winged pig doodle, which he created after being told he'd get his novels published when pigs fly.
We are all working on novels or novellas--two romance and two fantasy--which share a wholesome balance of similarity and diversity. The group offers a nice amount of structure that holds us to deadlines and encourages us to write and critique thoughtfully before each monthly meeting.
After some conversation and research, Miss Moppet wrote up a set of working guidelines to get us started. They are, summarized:
During the first two weeks of each month, each member p…