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Daddy Love

High five! Fist bump! Blow a kiss!

These are a few of the things DaddyMan has taught Nux Gallica this spring. Before Nux, I thought I loved my husband as much as a wife possibly could. But there is something so magically ovary-tickling about seeing my man cuddle a cute baby. It's like nothing I could have imagined before.

Yes, babies: superior even to puppies as chick magnets. DaddyMan has discovered, to his delight, that on Daddy Duty Days, women flock to him to coo at Nux and even laugh indulgently when Nux reaches into their shirts and tries to get out their boobies. They say having a baby is like having your heart walk around outside your body. True, but it's also like having your id walk around outside and everyone thinks it's adorable.

The work of caring for a baby includes playing at the park, building and smashing block towers, hooting at monkeys at the zoo, laughing at farts, and eating with your hands. It is, in many ways, a perfect job for men.

A little while …

Romanian Homeschool Children's Rammstein Cover Band

The title says it all!

My daughter, Nux Gallica, is as enthralled with this video (and others by these kids) as I am! Behold the glory of at least trilingual, home-educated, self-led siblings who choose and learn to play music from the '50s through the present time. Music that includes Rammstein.

In the YouTube description, the parents explain that the children practice only about an hour a day and have plenty of time to pursue their musical and other interests (and, I would guess from other accounts of homeschooling families, an abundance of enthusiasm for learning and freedom to learn not found in traditional classrooms). The oldest child, 10 years, chooses the songs, and he and his sisters, ages 8 and 5, learn to play them with the aid of music software.

My head is exploding with heavy metal cuteness!

Rammstein posted this video on their official website, proclaiming that "There is a future for rock 'n roll!"

In other news, word on the web is that Rammstein'…

You are a good mom!

I have survived the first year of my first child's life! Nux Gallica is now a walking, talking one-year-old.

It has been an amazing journey from pregnancy to toddlerhood. I've experienced extreme joy, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, exhaustion, and just about every other emotion a human can feel. Nothing in my life has given me such a feeling of completion, contentment, awe, and gratitude as having a healthy daughter. But it has also been hard, and I have watched other friends and acquaintances with babies go through their own ups and downs. And one thing I have learned through all of this is that every parent's experience is very different, and there are all kinds of ways to be a good mom.
I'm addressing this post specifically to mothers because, although much of what I'm going to say applies to dads also (and grandparents and other guardians), there are many struggles that are specific to mothers--pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and social factors that are differe…