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Ich Liebe Rammstein: Till

UPDATES:  In 2018, Richard has immortalized his lifelong bromance with Till in a tender duet about their friendship, "Let's Go" by Richard's side band Emigrate. Till sings words such as "Zwei Herzen in mir schlagen" with sincerity and I think I am now deceased.

After purging his sillies on the side project LINDEMANN and participating in another Rammstein documentary video, Till has begun work on a seventh Rammstein album, estimated to be released in 2017 2018 f*@#@#! *%&#$*! 2019 according to Peter Tagtgren

In October 2017, NatGeo released a photo book of Till's travels in the Yukon with Joey Kelly: Mein Gehasster Freund Yukon

Yukon Ho!

For fresh squeezed gossip juice, here's a bad (as in so good) romance.

Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann is the only living human who could kick Chuck Norris's ass, but he doesn't, because they go on emo hunting trips together. The source of this fact, Urban Dictionary, also provides the following essential details: "Till Lindemann is the anthropomorphic personification of pure masculinity who invented the often-lethal dance move: The Till Hammer..." "He challenges the definition of masculine..." "Every German fertility clinic features a cardboard cutout of Till Lindemann choking a shark with one hand, whilst cradling a kitten in his other, looking directly at the stirrups in the insemination room. To this day they have a 100% success rate."

To the chagrin of most of the band, including Till himself, Rammstein is, for many fans, the Cult of Till. The band's lead singer is the physical (oh, so physical) embodiment of Rammstein's burning question, "What does it mean to be a man?" Till is a caricature and a parody of manhood. He calls into question the very definition of masculinity, and he exemplifies "spending his whole life trying to get back in" while accusations of Oedipal complexes bounce off of his powerful persona like the showers of sparks he sings beneath onstage. To say that women want him and men want to be him is as understated as bringing a lighter to a Rammstein concert.

Till's ceaseless font of testosterone is both his superpower and his greatest torment. He loves women (lots of women) almost as much as women love him, and his constant and catastrophic failures in romantic relationships make him completely miserable. His epic stage charisma masks exhausting introversion. He is a poet, a dreamer, a romantic, a jock, a hunter, and a minefield of rage and desire. He finds pleasure, inspiration, and release in physical pain. He harbors what video director Jonas Akerlund calls a true "place of darkness" within him. His deadliest sins are Lust and Wrath.

Like most of his bandmates, Till is a private person. Little is published about him in English, and he dislikes talking about his personal life or drawing unnecessary attention to himself. Lucky for you, dear fellow Rammstein enthusiasts, I've obsessively gathered scraps of information from sources in several languages, with the help of friends abroad, to piece together an almost coherent portrait of this maddeningly elusive deity of rock.

Legend has it that like several of his bandmates, Till grew up in conflict with a father figure. The truth of this is unclear and certainly complicated. Till was raised in the countryside near Schwerin by two loving parents who decided to live in separate locations during Till's childhood due to considerations that included work and Till's sister's schooling. Till's father was children's author Werner Lindemann, who encouraged Till to write poetry from an early age but struggled with alcoholism and with his relationship with his tempestuous son. These struggles with alcohol and father-son relations probably have been exaggerated in the media; Werner's autobiographical book of short stories describes some fiery clashes but also generous shows of affection among Till and both of his parents. Till lived with his mother, journalist Brigitte "Gitta" Lindemann, until his late teens, when he was expelled from boarding school. At that time, some say that Gitta had divorced Till's father and remarried a man who did not get along with Till, but some fans argue that this is untrue, and I have found no primary sources to confirm it. When Till went to live with his father in the country, the two sometimes argued about Till's lifestyle that included getting into some lady trouble with multiple girlfriends. Till left his father's house after less than a year, but he and his mother stayed by Werner's bedside as the author died of stomach cancer in the early '90s.

Till's youth appears to have been a patchwork of messy, strong, and varied emotions, perhaps even more so than most youths. I can only guess at how Till felt to have his awkward teenage years presented to the world lovingly--but publicly--in his father's book, and then to have those stories warped and distorted by tabloids and confused rumors. Suffice it to say that Till must have had, and probably still does have, complex emotions about his father.

From a very young age, Till's life was characterized by tension between ardent devotion to performance and ungovernable passions. From ages 11 to 14, he attended a sporting school and became an elite competitive swimmer. Though he never liked the sporting school, he tried hard to tame his wild impulses. When he was 14, on a swim trip to France, young Till snuck out at night to explore the city--and perhaps buy a porno magazine--which was irresistible to a curious and hot-blooded East German boy who grew up deprived of culture--and booby pictures.

He was caught and promptly shipped off to boarding school. He continued swimming and was soon shortlisted for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, but he tore an abdominal muscle and took the opportunity to quit the sport. Till has continued swimming all his life for fitness and relaxation, free from the pressure of competition.

After school, when service in the East German military was required of all young men, Till told the military to eat scheise. Unlike the other members of Rammstein who also skipped out on their mandatory service, Till did not become itinerant or go underground to avoid enrollment. He simply stared at the authorities with the same facial expression that Chuck Norris uses to avoid paying taxes. (I'm guessing here, but I think it's a safe bet.) In any case, Till did not complete his military service, nor was he imprisoned.

He spent his twenties wandering through a life that Dr. Evil might describe as quite ordinary. He tried his hand at carpentry, peat cutting, working as a gallery technician, and basket weaving. Meanwhile, he made space in his house and heart for a punk band studio. He played drums and occasionally bass for a band with the homoerotic moniker First Arsch, which guest-starred guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers. The first record he ever bought (in East Germany, where records were hard to find on the black market) was by Alice Cooper.

Till had a daughter named Nele in his early twenties and married the girl's mother, a lovely woman named Mareike, but the marriage did not last long, and Till raised Nele himself for about seven years. Mareike later dated Richard Kruspe, which is likely how Richard was introduced to Till's band. About a decade after Nele's birth, Richard also had a daughter with Mareike, another girl given the last name of Lindemann because Mareike had kept her married name. Richard and Mareike parted ways soon afterward, and Till and Richard bonded as they supported each other in raising the half-sisters. Thus began the start of the six-man Rammstein family, which would prove more enduring than any of its members' marriages to women. To date, Rammstein has been creating together for almost 20 years.

In those early days, Till wrote poetry, which eventually led to the publication of his poetry book Messer in 2002. But he never sang, preferring the detachment of the drum kit in the background. Only when Richard decided to start a new band, something that would unite the themes of men and machinery, was Till convinced to step up to the microphone. Richard found it difficult to write music and lyrics and also front the band as lead guitarist and lead singer, and one day he overheard Till singing to himself in his beautiful bass tones as he worked on some task--perhaps weaving a basket--and recruited him as lead singer and lyricist. This was a cataclysmic move, as Till would become one of the most brilliant lyricists and iconic singers in rock history.

Together with Richard's roommates, bassist Oliver Riedel and drummer Christoph Schneider, a proto-Rammstein group recorded a demo tape and entered it into a government contest. They won, and the prize was access to a real studio. After hearing the demo tape, Paul Landers, who played in First Arsch with Till and Richard and also in the underground punk band Feeling B with Schneider, jumped on board and, with some difficulty, pressed his roommate and Feeling B keyboardist Flake Lorenz to join, completing the iconic sound of Rammstein.

The band's early success powered a fast and fiery evolution. Till was ambivalent about his role out front, and it must be said that spotlight-loving Richard has also struggled with the dynamic he designed. Till was all but paralyzed by stage fright and insecurity at their first shows, and so he quickly turned to pyrotechnics to give him something to show the audience onstage. With the same passion that compelled him to dive headfirst into all his other youthful interests, Till became a professional pyrotechnician. One of his first stunts has become an all-time classic; the flaming jacket he wears with his arms outstretched has been tweaked over the decades to burn bigger, brighter, and longer. Till has learned the hard way, from countless burns and a few accidents involving audience members, to refine his use of fire onstage. As the Rammstein repertoire and budget has expanded, Till has handed the torch to pyrotechnics experts, part of Rammstein's 100-plus team of Klokateers--er, crew members.

The "Till Hammer," Till's signature headbanging/knee pounding move, developed by accident. Till has a bum kneecap that often slips out of place. One time, this happened onstage, and he squatted down and pounded it back into place with his fist. Paul told him it looked really cool and that he should do it more often, and so he has added it to his collection of stage tricks that keep him from having to interact directly with the audience. The only "audience participation" type song Till has ever written is "Ich will," which deals ironically with his bewilderment about the excitement of his audiences. It goes like this (translated from the German):
Till: Can you hear me?
Audience: We hear you!
Till: Can you see me?
Audience: We see you!
Till: Can you feel me?
Audience: We feel you!
Till: I don't understand you.

Till has a love-hate relationship with fame. It has given free reign to all his desires--to amass wealth, travel the world, do drugs, meet beautiful women, drive fast cars, and put on "the biggest fireworks show in the world"--and this hasn't been entirely good for him. Till is an introverted man who is exhausted by being the center of attention. He has a short temper in the heat of the spotlight, and his bandmates and crew have learned to get out of his way in a hurry in the event of an equipment failure. When the flamethrowers don't light, Paul says that only thing that calms Till down enough to continue is to go behind the scenes and smash something. Till needs extensive downtime to rest after a tour; while he loves to travel, especially to the jungles of Latin America where he does super metal stuff like hunting anacondas, he finds touring to be hard work. He prefers to develop his vocal technique in the sanctuary of a recording studio.

He and his mates learned early on that doing a lot of cocaine and other drugs didn't mix well with their intense touring schedules and proximity to explosives onstage, and they have also learned together about the disappointment of losing their sense of luxury in the collection of material things and losing true intimacy in the crush of groupie lust. The song "Keine Lust" and its video describe the malaise that follows overindulgence.

In spite of a rockstar lifestyle spanning two decades, Till's testosterone-driven desires remain inexhaustible. Till has impregnated at least 40% of Germany's population of gorgeous blondes under 25. (This estimate is based on a rigorous scientific inquiry of my own.) The Fatherland is liberally sprinkled with Till's progeny, mostly adorable little girls, with whom he enjoys relaxing in the countryside.

I once read an account of a female fan who met Till in the '90s, which fills me with envy. He autographed her boobies with pure ennui and suggested they watch a Nine Inch Nails videotape. She said she expected him to smell bad after a few hours sweating amidst the stage lights and fiery explosions, but on the contrary, Till's sweaty body smelled "so gut" that, in her words, "I wanted to roll around on him like a dog who finds a pile of maggots in the yard."

In contrast to his hard-partying ways, Till is a hopeless romantic. Either that or he is adorably delusional. He says things over and over like, "I have finally found a woman I can spend the rest of my life with," even though he's clearly incapable of going more than a few weeks or months without banging a hotter, younger blonde and unleashing the wrath of Hera from his ex.

In the late '90s, during the height of Till's poetry writing, he settled down with a young blonde named Anja Köseling and had a daughter named Marie Louise (who is now a teenager known to leak her dad's videos online--oops!). The same year Till attended Richard's ill-fated wedding in 1999, he split with Anja and allegedly sought shelter from her fury in the arms of a younger, blonder actress and model named Jenny Elvers. It is not clear whether a relationship with Jenny actually took place or whether Jenny simply used the press to exaggerate her own infatuation--something that would become a pattern in Till's supposed love life. Till showed a little variation in his tastes when he next dated a Spanish designer named Esperanza. He stayed with her for quite some time; some fans and reporters believed that they were married. It is said that she helped him write lyrics for a song, which I assume to be "Te quiero, puta." In 2004, Till told a radio interviewer that he planned to retire when he turned 50 to spend more time with Esperanza and his children. Happily for the fans, this was not to be. Soon after his break with Esperanza, which coincided with the writing of the deeply personal ballad "Ohne Dich" ("Without You,") Till stumbled upon a barely-legal, heavily tattooed pinup model named Lexy Hell, continuing the cycle of passion and heartbreak--which Till thanks, Nathan Explosion-style, for fueling his pain-filled lyrics.

Currently Till is dating an even younger, more gorgeous model and TV actress, Sophia Tomalla, daughter of a famous German actress (who, I believe, is also younger than Till and has accompanied Till to several events, sparking many juicy soap opera-style speculations). Since hooking up with Till, Sophia has shaved half of her head, styled her hair in pinup fashions reminiscent of Lexy, and had at least two tattoos in his honor--one of his name on the back of her neck, and another, of his face, strangely positioned on her arm beside an image of her mother's face. In the strange early stages of the relationship, when Sophia was gushing to the press--while admitting she didn't even know where Till was on any given day and wasn't in touch with him on tour--as Till's people asserted they didn't know anything about any such relationship--Lexy criticized it as a fraud, and some fans drew comparisons to Till's possibly-fabricated tryst with Jenny Elvers. However, the pair is now a long-established couple. Although Till has complained that his girlfriend, the youngest and blondest and richest and most famous of a long line of rich, blonde, famous young lovers, is just one instead of the pack of groupies he had enjoyed in his youth, and that she will "soon leave him" as he ages, the relationship appears to be remarkably stable--and fuels many fans' Beauty and the Beast fantasies.

After all, it is no mystery why either one of them is attracted to the other. Sophia is a modern pin-up, and Till's Übermenschliness is like a crazy-potion that makes himself and everyone around him lose control. You don't even need to smell his pheromones to be affected. Just watch the two videos below and try not to become obsessed. The first is the official video for the song "Ich tu dir weh," offering the full thrust of Till's performance art. (Yes, there is a dildo on his microphone, and yes, he is singing about shoving barbed wire into a male sexual partner's urethra, and yes, there is an LED light wired through his face. And still I want to have his next 400 babies.) The second is his Anakonda im Netz interview, showing his humorous and sensitive sides.

What Till lacks in his romantic life he makes up for in dedication to his art. He uses the pain of his personal failures and traumas to inspire his work, and he finds comfort in mixing artistic expression with physical pain. He often suffers bodily harm in the service of Rammstein, and burns from the pyrotechnics are just the beginning. In the video for "Rosenrot," Till clasps a long-stemmed rose handed to him by his lover. With vicious delight, the girl squeezes his hands into the rose thorns, making them run with blood. This scene was done without special effects; the blood and expression of hurt are real. The whole band enacted a self-flagellation scene in the same video and found it an interesting experience, though they weren't as excited about bloodying themselves as Till. Onstage, Till endures burns and run-ins with various stage effects. Once Flake ran into him with a Segway, re-injuring his bad knee. For the "Ich tu dir weh" video and the Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da tour, Till bored and maintained a festering hole in his left cheek so he could sing with a light in his mouth. The other guys discouraged Till from doing it, suggesting they wire the light around the front of his mouth, but Till had his way. He had fun with it for as long as he could, squirting liquor out of the hole in his face as a party trick. During the brutal Made in Germany tour, Till acquired a set of deep, jagged slashes across his chest and shoulders that were rumored to have occurred as he helped tear down a set in Vancouver--but which Till has credited to his onstage antics with keyboardist Flake.

Till pushes his bandmates to take risks with him and often teases Flake, the smallest member of the band and Till's partner for sado-masochistic stunts at live shows. Till calls Flake "an amateur masochist" in the "Making of Engel" video, pokes fun at him for having a hard time dragging Till up a mountainside in the "Making of Ohne dich" video, and mocks Flake's very serious injuries from the crowd-surfing boat stunt in his Anakonda interview (above).

Till and Flake famously served some jail time in the United States in the '90s for their performance of "Buch dich" that involved simulated anal sex and a fake penis that sprayed fluid all over the audience. Till and Flake didn't have much of a sense of humor about it at the time; they were appalled that with all the violence and smut on American television, some prudish authorities had the gall to arrest artists performing a scene of consensual sex. Till complained that American pop stars are allowed to gyrate against their backup dancers in explicitly sexual ways, but he couldn't rub up on his keyboardist without being imprisoned overnight with drunks and crackheads.

Till has always been brave and adventurous about using homoerotic and homosexual themes in his songs and performances. It fits stylistically with his exaggerated man's-man image and the band's exploration of masculinity. What could be more testosterone-pumped than "Mann gegen Mann?" Till has said that he admires the lifestyle of a gay man who can walk into a bar and pick up a partner for a purely sexual encounter, no strings attached. He exhibits a lot of conflict about his overpowering desires for women and his guilt about hurting or using them.

Till is a complex man full of contradictions. For all his problems with women, he loves his mother and cherishes his daughters. The director of the video for "Mein Teil," Zoran Bihać, played on this internal conflict for Till's role. In the video, Bihać used secrecy and improvisation with each of the band members. They were not allowed to know anything about what the others would be doing or the details of what they themselves would do beforehand. The shoot was like a sort of kink therapy, fetishizing each man's inner demons. Till had to engage in sex acts (which Bihać claims were real) with a prostitute and then kill her and drag her body off-screen. He looked relieved but a little sick after filming it and said, "I did something I didn't want to do. I hope  my mother doesn't find out about it." In the chorus of the song that Till sings in that scene, he roars (translated), "You are what you eat!" in reference to the German man who had recently made the news for attempting to eat his own genitals before he bled to death. "This is what you are," Bihać seemed to be telling Till. "Now eat it."

Till's discomfort with his own boundary-pushing art became outright regret when his young daughter, "dearest one to my heart," as he called her, once asked if he was in a Nazi band. He admits the band went "too far" by using imagery associated with Nazi propaganda. And he has explained in interviews that when he sings from the perspectives of men who hurt women or children, he is exploring the monsters that populate his own worst nightmares.

But as protective as he is about his own family, Till is an incorrigible consumer of women (and girls). He has an untameable shadow side teeming with sex and violence. His sensitive and thoughtful mind is encased in the body of a seething caveman--a body that cries out to the cavewoman in us ladies to find a stable, supportive mate, and then ditch him for a spin on Till's tour bus. The cover art for the band's latest album, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, combined with the cover art for the first single off that album, makes me think again of the saying "You are what you eat." The album art shows the band wielding meat cleavers over stylized female nudes, and the single art depicts the band with their arms, shoulders, and heads superimposed on naked women's bodies. Till's, of course, is pregnant.

Till Lindemann is a cultural icon and a true artist who inflates masculinity to such an extreme that he explodes tired conceptions of maleness. He transforms his fears and internal struggles into pure metal in the forge of his creative potency, and he has forever changed the world of rock and shattered cliched assumptions about what it means to be a man.

Ich liebe dich, Till!

This information is entirely based upon "facts" from Wikipedia, trashy tabloids, dorky fan forums, Urban Dictionary, social media, and official interviews and videos released by the band in several languages and nations. These are not American or British celebrities; the paparazzi do not camp in their shrubberies, perch atop their tour bus, bug their underpants, or otherwise have a regular, intrusive presence in these men's lives. These personal impressions of mine are gathered from many sources and true to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. Your celebrity lover's ex lover is the same as your wifey! I think that's kinky and delish!


    Loved reading these and have a deliiiiightful time at the show!

    1. YEAH! I always felt like that song was written about my feelings for you. <3

      I just went shopping today for neon skinny jeans and patent leather spike heels. I'm so ready.

  2. Neon skinny jeans? What a waste of money. Just wear some sexy panties, you know what your backstage pASS is!

    The heels are always a good buy! All day long!

    1. If only I were going to a show in Mexico (their favorite place to play). Up here in the frigid North, being half naked would be awfully uncomfortable. I think there's going to be a high of 65 that day. Too bad I'm not sitting closer to the flamethrowers.

  3. Hi Jeannie! Love the blog. It's great to meet another Midwesterner and feminist who loves R+ and the boys!

    Just a few corrections (From things that I know to be true from the info I've conglomerated over my years of being a fan):
    -Till's father, Werner Lindemann, was a well-known children's storybook writer. Till is said to have gotten his love of writing and poetry from Werner, who encouraged the young boy to write poems and to critique his own work.
    -Werner and Till didn't get along well for a variety of reasons that are speculated upon (the most common being Werner's alcoholism), and Till moved to live with his mother when he was a boy (he also has a younger sister, who was living with his mother continuously).
    -A few years after tearing his stomach muscle and dropping out of the swimming school, Till moved back in with his father (he was 17 at the time). Werner wrote about this experience in his book, Mike Oldfield im Schaukelstuhl (Mike Oldfield in the Rocking Chair), which is a series of short stories and reflections of a father estranged from his moody, rebellious teenage son (who is referred to as Timm in the book in order to preserve his privacy). We see many sides of Till in the book, and Werner reveals that Till was already sleeping around with girls at this age (Till said in an interview that he lost his virginity on a haystack at age 16 during a party; according to the book, 1 year later, he already had a girlfriend AND was seeing another girl on the side, one that had a pregnancy scare. Werner wrote that when the girl contacted Till in a fit of fear about possibly being pregnant, he coldly wrote her off as a hussy, even though he was the one with 2 girlfriends. She, luckily, wasn't pregnant). Till moved out to live on his own less than a year after arriving to live with his father.
    -Werner only died in 1992 (from complications relating to alcohol use), which is far past the period when Till could be considered a "boy". Till has allegedly never visited his grave.
    -It was Paul and the other bandmates that tried to convince Till not to pierce his cheek, not Akerlund.
    -I have never heard of Till being described as bipolar, nor have I heard that Esperanza sued Till for his lyrics. The news that he tried to commit suicide is, again, something that I have never heard, and sounds fishy to me. I also didn't know that he and Richard raised their daughters together. I would appreciate citations for these claims.
    -His relationship with Anja Köseling ended for a variety of reasons. One includes his slapping her and breaking her nose in a fit of rage--when she sued, he paid quietly and up-front and did not challenge the suit.
    -He allegedly told reporters in an interview that Elvers was obsessing over him in a stalkerish way after they'd met a few times, and that he had no romantic interest in her. I have never heard of them being in a relationship.
    -I have also not heard of Lexi Hell being the one to end Till's relationship with Esperanza. I was under the impression that he met Lexi long after that relationship was dead.

    Also, just a word of caution: Beware of "news" and gossip of the guys that comes from Germany. Many German networks and news sources have a history of propagating Rammstein's negative image within that country, and of publishing mainly falsehoods in order to sell their magazines, newspapers, and to get viewers to tune in. The most notorious example is Das Bild, which Flake and Till publicly denounced in a photo they took where the two posed with a copy of the newspaper (which just so happened to be slandering them and stirring up controversy over their Mein Teil video). Till and Flake both made ridiculous faces while next to said copy of the newspaper, simply to get the point across of how seriously the fans should take any "news" from that source.

    1. Also, please don't take my asking for the sources of these previously unheard of events in Till's life (at least, to me, and to all the fans that I know), as a personal affront! I love that you love the band and have taken a huge interest in them (it's how I found your blog!) and am simply interested in knowing whether or not these things are true in order to satisfy my inner fangirl/info nerd.

      By the way, my handle is Yotami. I had a blogspot account but haven't logged in for quite some time. Perhaps I shall start using it again to comment on your Rammstein posts!

      Cheers from a fellow fan and nerd!


    2. THANK YOU, Yotami! Your clarifications and corrections are very much appreciated. I admit that most of my sources for this information are not very reliable--comments in forums and publications in shady tabloids, most of which I cannot find anymore. I will update this post with the info you've given and taking into consideration your own feelings, as an educated an avid fan, about what seems true or false.

      The Anja Koseling breakup drama is suspect to me. Till has a history of treating women inappropriately and of having a temper problem, so the accusations that he beat her are plausible--and supported by the fact that he paid her off. However, he didn't actually plead or get found guilty, and supposedly now Anja is a big, public fan of Till and everything he does (so say her Facebook friends). This does not mean the abuse didn't happen--it just makes me cautious not to draw any conclusions about exactly what did and didn't happen.

      Thanks for helping me tidy up my info, fangirl friend!

    3. About raising children with Richard: This is from Richard's comments (can't find original source) that he and Till "spent a lot of time together" and became good friends because of their daughters being sisters. I believe they were buddies playing in bands together since about 1989/1990 (First Arsch, right?), and Khira Li was not born until 1991. I am not clear whether Richard met Till or Mareike Lindemann first. I would guess Mareike--in which case, she'd be sort of the Mother of Rammstein, no?? What I find interesting is that Till and Richard remained close as extended family after the mother of their kids left the scene.

    4. OK, I have updated this post incorporating your tips. Let me know if I've still got anything wrong, as far as you know. I realize I'm being totally gossipy and speculative here, but I don't want to post misinformation if I can help it. Thanks again!

  4. If all of you got to read Werner Lindemann's book, things would become more clear to you. The whole story about their "screwed up" relationship is deeply far fetched and exagerrated.
    Werner and Gitta were STILL together. Don't know if you ever listened to Mike Oldfield Neuerdings Radio Audition. Tills OWN MOTHER says that she would always live very happily with her husband as a family, but because of different proffesions, they were forced to live separately. They would still pay each other regular visits. (She in the town, he in the country). Werner says in the book, that he would love to have her by her side constantly, but she had to do her job as a journalist.
    In one of the interviews, Till mentiones that he "witnessed the death of a person, he loved very much' and that was about his own Dad, who died of stomach cancer.
    As for the drinking, Werner muses in the book how glad he is to have quit it, and even when he makes some Gluhwein for his family, he doesn't drink a cup. He keeps asking himself in his thoughts: "How do I become friends with my son?" There is also a couple of heart warming fragments describing Till and Werner takin care of each other (Till being ill with fever, or carrying bags for his Dad).
    If you wish to find some more, I invite you to read my own article on DeviantArt page. It's called "Destroying the Myths" and it's split up in three parts. And I assure you, that everything has been based on true and reliable sources!!! That's how I would like to repay my Idol (who is Till) for the fact that he's saved me with his angelic voice and incredible music. We must stop spreading false myths about him and his family.

    1. Hello Iroto-chan, thank you for stopping by the Nutshell on your campaign to end false rumors about Till. :) Much of what I have written comes from web-gossip and tabloids and could very well be false. Based on your article, I will update my post. I do not want to perpetuate false rumors if I can help it, and I admit I do not know much German or Polish and cannot read many of the sources first-hand.

      The story deepens! Don't hesitate to correct anything else you see that doesn't seem right. Thanks again for sharing what you have gathered.

    2. Iroto, I have amended the fifth paragraph and added a sixth explaining where I had gone wrong. Are you sure Till is your angel and you are not HIS guardian angel of online media? ;) I will take your word for the corrections you've made. The story you present in your article makes more sense and seems more plausibly complex and multifaceted than the Wikipedia info. Have you ever considered trying to correct the English Wiki page?

    3. I'm glad that you've taken my suggestions into consideration. I really appreciate. I'm always there to help:) Yup, it seems that the so called "American step dad" is nothing else but a fictional character made up by fans, (or possibly by some vicious anti-Rammstein souls ;])Neither Werner nor Gitta would mention a single word about the guy
      As for the Wikipedia page, wehehell... I'm going to make "an invasion" on it very soon, be sure of that :]
      "Till's Guardian angel of online media?" Wooo, I'm flattered :D. And yes, I want to be one! Everything for my Tillchen!
      Have a nice day,

  5. You did a good job writing this! :)

  6. I LOVED reading this :) I've been a fan of Rammstein fur a long time but never took interest in the personal stuff. I was extremely lucky to meet them and I got interested in finding out more about them to see if my first impressions were somewhat valid. This has enlightened me in many ways. I have also read the blog about Richard, because he made me extremely uncomfortable when I met them. So uncomfortable that I only asked for pictures once he was gone. Now I feel a little bad :) I was very nervous and I guess it played a huge role in this impression i got. I was so overly concerned with not bothering them, that I probably felt like I was when in fact he was just busy or didn't even realize I came for them lol. I'd love to see this updated with newer stuff ❤️❤️


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35 Great Things About Turning 35

The prime of life starts at 35! It's the best-kept secret from younger people, but your 35th birthday is a major cause for celebration. For mine, I have made my own listicle of 35 reasons why experts agree that 35 is the best age to be:
You get to say, "I'm 35." The number 35 carries so much more gravitas than 30, but you're only a few years older. At 34, I've started fudging my age--by adding a year. People automatically take me seriously, and if they don't, at least they tell me I look young for my age. (Eye roll, hair toss, "whatever.")  35-year-olds DGAF. Inner chill reaches new heights at 35. Despite its #2 status on this list, it's the #1 response I hear about what's best about hitting 35. My gorgeous friend Nerlie was beautiful and resilient and wise beyond her years in high school, but now, at age 35, she gets to fully enjoy being herself on her own terms. She writes,  "I've survived so much that I don't waste time o…

A Bad Romance Starring Till Lindemann, Sophia Thomalla, Gavin Rossdale, Simone Thomalla, Sven Martinek, Andy LaPlegua, and Leila Lowfire

November 2018 Update: Sophia is settled in with Gavin a young soccer player (like mother like daughter) now, I guess, and Till is spending time with 36-year-old (hell yeah, thank you, sir) Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda. He is either her latest babydaddy or doing her the favor of bearding as such (not that he's great with beards, but we don't mind--we know how much he loves pregnant and lactating ladies) to help her keep some distance from her crazy ex who cuts his wrists over her. The juice continues...

To misquote Gaga, "I don't speak German, but I can look at foreign tabloids and guess what's going on if you like."

I guess it would be more professional and ladylike for me to be above this sordid celebrity gossip, but I'm not. I'm so not.

So let's see if I've got this straight. From what I gather...

Metalgod Till Lindemann, 54, and model Sophia Thomalla, 27 (upper left) recently exited a five-year, on-off, opennish relationship, which bega…